Talk about standing experience from the site began to teach you to make money

I have a friend, we are together entrepreneurs, and together, never discussed on the network, try to keep friend relationship between because and friends, not cooperation, he also did not take part in my training, I also didn’t say anything about our situation here.

two of us are doing the network, and he to worse than me, I also know a little bit of space and domain knowledge, but he doesn’t know anything, he just believe that the network is making money, but he did not earn money.

we are two and began to do the network, I better, he based some poor, so I chose the own station, is built of hilarious pictures to earn advertising fees, he did not know the station, his choice is to buy the station, and we do together the network, a lot of people every day in the study there how to make money, there is a big brother, he studied hard, he said to the development process of the domestic network, also can say the development of some listed companies, also can say the CEO’s story.

He took

HAO123 as their home, every day looking for inside a few go to the station to look at, to see if there is no worth to learn, his theory is very high, at least understand et al height must be high, but he did not make money.

the past few years, and I together in front of business friends to come, but the research on the theory of friends didn’t come, when we were together, I give them two of the analysis, I said the main reason is that one has its own station, a do not own the station.

As for what

education good? Is the appreciation of education is good, or good education sticks? Where light theory is useless, they really have children, to education, to see the children’s performance, watching children grow up, so that it can really enhance the education of parents ability.

a person, have a website, no matter what the station, he will go to the promotion, advertising fees, even a month to earn 100 yuan, when the settlement got, are extremely happy, will tell yourself, this money is advertising, is something from the Internet. Earned.

, and some people have been there to study theory, nothing to do, seemingly anything to understand, always want to find a regular station at once, and the results of the study to study, that is, the direction of research is not allowed.

so the theme of this article is: "good training is better than buying a broken stand.".

here to buy the station, not saying that we must go to buy a station, that is the need to have a station, no friends of the station looking for my chat will ask, understand the network to make money ah, is not really ah? There is no one really done 500 yuan / day, understand understand, to a project, I’ll tell him what the project is to make money, but are not suitable for you.


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