How can the traditional enterprise build a profitable website through SEO in the station

I always remember when you just contact SEO, is holding the idea of learning to make a website to make money, so a lot of the time I do each optimization action, are based on the thinking of making money, but as a long-term fighting in the front line of the extension staff, I am very clear if the website is only thinking about their money, so this site will die.


why? You and I have seen the life to impress others mediocre generation. But you and I are aware that this approach is useless. No one will care about them, and no one will care about you and me, people only care about themselves. This will never change, whether it’s networking or making a website.

so, when we’re doing a web site, if you’re just thinking about your own money, you can only get paid for it. Then, what should we do to make a website that will make money through the station SEO?

first of all, we need the following skills:

1, basic code knowledge, at least you need to know where to modify so that you can dock with the technology.

2, layout, or planning. Layout, from top to bottom is thinking, from bottom to top is the implementation. So, not only do we need to know all the top-level design of our website, but also to know how to design these designs one by one. And the top-level design lies in the user’s psychological grasp, landing by the persistence of perseverance.

might say that these are too abstract, and I’ll give you a practical solution to help you build a profitable website.

one, sales or from hi,


we all know that the location of the site determines the layout of the entire site, affecting the layout of the home page, navigation bar design, and the way to display the inside page.

but the bosses of many traditional businesses don’t always understand the nature of the site – it’s a way of selling, not a fancy one. Some very confident leader bosses tend to be both brand conscious and want to promote sales, but this is not possible for small and medium-sized companies with little brand awareness.

and Speechless is that many bosses think, form the site more cool and more can cash a company level, but often this cool way, is very unfavorable for the website, such as: Flash, SEO station banner to add animation etc..

if there is a traditional business owner by this article, just like the one for your sincere advice, to promote sales, is a site must do SEO optimization, and then consider those cool design on the basis of it, such as you can use an external JS to call those results out completely. But the premise is to put in place the SEO optimization.


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