Community 3 a powerful attack on local portals

recently, the webmaster circle in a sad voice, pessimistic that the webmaster era is away from us. In the view that the mobile Internet market has been occupied by the three giants of channel advantage. Let me tell you what is "mobile Internet" and "community is king"". Community 3 will drive more industries and industries to take the lead in mobile internet. Among them, the duty bound is the "local gateway"".

for more than 10 years in the webmaster era, the local gateway has become a comprehensive local life service, community interaction, marriage, making friends, real estate, automobile comprehensive local website. It can be said that the local station is a gold industry holding cash cows. Who runs early and runs well, then the local gateway has a steady stream of cash every month.

has a stable cash flow portal, and also has very good local brands and influence. To be sure, in the mobile Internet compny, local portal without fear of any opponent. Through the community 3 application product research and development, market development, the local gateway will become the mobile Internet upstart. The famous local station: Hefei forum, long lane, Dagang Town, 19 floor, local portal will become the mobile Internet era of the little giant.

let’s watch the advantages of these heavyweight players in the "local gateway":

, with unparalleled geographical advantages, we are

In the

era webmaster local portal can achieve success and win recognition, say the Internet is not". Local gateways brought together local crowds. Through the powerful appeal to local people and local businesses, local portals have established strong local brands and appeal. Strong dragon does not bow pressure, no matter how strong you are, even as strong as QQ, WeChat, Sina, NetEase, Baidu, and so you want somewhere to do publicity, one of the best way is to find the local portal.


local doors occupy the world and benefit the people. Through the government departments, through ordinary users, which also bring businesses. The use of long-term accumulation of word-of-mouth and user habits. Drinking the milk, the local milk of the local flavor of the cow, has injected a steady stream of fresh blood into the operation of the local gateway.

in the mobile Internet era, mobile phones are closely related to people’s intelligent devices. It must be the perfect entrance for local people to get into the local gateway. With a strong geographical advantage of the local portal, the use of community 3 comprehensive community interaction, integrated information, perfect life services, built in electricity supplier products, the advantages of local doors will be expanded rapidly. Similar to sing, clap, to aunt as a "mobile phone native application user community" effect, will soon be confirmed.

two, rich local Internet operation experience, operation system is complete, offensive and defensive


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