Teach you to see the eight links exchange trap

Yesterday I

and a PR 4 website link, I was excited. The thief is the highest PR value in the link to me! I will not sad and he changed. Nanjing has a network of companies looking for me for the connection of the afternoon, fortunately, I met an insider. He gave me the station to do a check, tell me that three is not for I do link. But I see these stations have my text links! Do not believe. He sent me a link to check the website.Http://s.linkhelper.cn/ examination I found is very angry, I immediately. Give them a link cut. In order not to let more friends suffer. I have prepared the following items for your reference:

(1) deletes the link

after the link has been exchangedThe simplest part of

is that after exchanging the link, the other party silently takes the link to you on the site, so that you link the past link to a one-way link. Always check your links,.

(2) make the minimum weight of the link page

only links to the links page on the home page or on the sitemap. In this way, links can also be included in the search engine, but the entire web site has only one or two pages linked to the links page. This link structure makes the link pages very low in weight.

normal web site structure should be the link page, is one of the organic parts of the whole site, processing should be the same as other pages. For example, the links page is a channel, which is divided into many categories. Well, this channel should be like all other content channels, and there is a navigation link on all pages to make the link page get its due weight.

(3), so that links can not be included in the page

some webmaster although in the page to make friendship link page looks like ordinary web page, but in fact use robots.txt file or meta tag, so that links page can’t be included. That’s one of the reasons why I think PR sometimes has some uses. If the page has PR, at least the page has been indexed by Google.

(4) the link itself does not pass the weight

some webmaster adds nofollow attribute to friendship link, sometimes the link is turned with script. At this point, such links are actually not normal links, and can not convey any weight.

some webmasters do more covert, using the JS script, the link is turned, but when the mouse is placed on the link, the browser status bar shows normal links. That way, unless you check his source code, it’s hard to see that the links he gave are actually scripted.


(5) link page might simply be ready for you,

some webmaster very heavy, in the exchange of links to you!

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