Vegetables birds Adsense chat SEOer five big way to survive

through SEO to survive is not difficult, rely on the SEO have a room, a car white-collar, or outbreak of soil boss days, now that is not the general difficulty, great difficulty.

in fact Xu believes that SEO is only a skill, an auxiliary tool for marketing, or is the impact of renovation work on hand drill.

the decorator told the foreman, "I’m going to hit the drill. You gave me 10 thousand monthly salary," I believe. Encountered ferocious urban management foreman, estimated that the accident will be more meat package.

SEO is not equal to learn to start rookie graduation.

has a savvy friend who has been suffering for months and has also hung his head and cone, and has finally gained the true meaning of SEO, hoping to get into the sky once. Can say SEO can not win, it is more likely to be beaten.

this is not Daoteng brothers time and money, and even love fondle


no, don’t be impulsive! Impulse is the devil! Listen to me carefully!


1, the ancestors of the long march line, SEO training earn silver, product sales gold

2, SEOer industry master line

3, SEOer services, traditional industries, mouse + cement,

4, SEOer is a career opportunity to choose

5 and SEOER develop in an all-round way, diligent, dedicated research station, art designer,

below, specify

1, the ancestors of the long march line, SEO training earn silver, product sales gold

first look at the path of the ancestors, Wang Tong and Zac is not a pioneer of SEO, their blog traffic is often tens of thousands, blog promotion is their training courses, their software products.

uses Chinaz to estimate Wang Tong blog traffic at 16200, even if the actual IP is discounted to 10 thousand.

Wang Tong blog tutorial has 680 yuan, 980 yuan 2 kinds, if 1 days, 1/1000 of people buy 680 products, sales product income is 10000*0.001*680=6800 yuan. One month, 30*6800=204000, 200 thousand. It’s 2 million 400 thousand in 1 years.

look, they make money so easily, earn a bowl full, spectators are stroking their arms, wiping sleeves, come forward to help some money.

so someone says, "I can do SEO training too,


ha ha! Congratulations! You got the right answer.

we all come from learning Wang Tong, Zac’s blog, their height is long, with nature, has formed a personal product >

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