Practical skills for blogging traffic

registered every blog, user name to, afraid to forget it, take a notebook to remember, because we need to register, every blog in published articles, articles on their website you can copy some wonderful content, published in the website or inside to have your blog address. The title to include people easy to search keywords: for example: the strategic base of network training school, 100 strategic network network contention of a hundred schools of thought, limited or part-time network, network business and so on, these are more popular keywords, you know a lot of the search engine in addition to outside can also search blog, if you have a blog title these words, your blog is very useful. After that, you submit every good blog URL to the major engines. If you don’t submit it, the engine doesn’t know you, and you just submit it, and it automatically collects other articles from your blog.

view blog application address Daquan:

large engine:

Google site login

Baidu site login

Yahoo site login

Live site login FORM=WSDD2

Sogou non-commercial login

China search site login

iAsk site login

second step, and then began to post, Baidu post bar is China’s most popular post bar, first with your original application of good Baidu account into the post bar, such as:

online network of part-time part-time job recruitment work. Money business recruitment recruitment investment network game publicity QQ QQ joined the group information recruitment business idea training investment website Network Forum blog Amway perfect teacher university internet network and so on, what specific content >.

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