Talk about the website user experience how will the Feed view be interpreted



in the current Internet content rich Web2.0 era, not only has text main content of our Internet browsing, more powerful network bandwidth to our wonderful pictures, video, music and media information.

traditional community culture of our people of this generation of web browsing habits, browse the longitudinal linear information flow is very good interpretation of the dynamic information of the dimension of time, complete with the line of sight reading experience in the area of the page in a fixed width, easier to focus on every piece of content on the feed. Enables users to focus information and enhance interaction. For example, Google plus’s information flow page:


with feed bearing continuously enrich the contents, especially pictures, video and other information gradually becomes the main content of modern social community, linear feed view longitudinal browsing seems to have been unable to meet the needs of our browsing. A cascade of falls from the United States on the other side of the ocean has triggered a series of falls in the country. This phenomenon is worth thinking about.

in the Internet era of reading pictures, waterfall stream gives us a new visual experience, adaptive web layout, rendering a large amount of pictures based feed browsing mode. Break the traditional vertical linear browsing, challenging our visual browsing habits, so that our browsing is no longer limited to fixed width format. Such as pinterest:


advantages of this waterfall flow view:

tile content, so that the display more fully, suitable for quick browsing and filtering useful information;

users do not need to manually turn pages, pages scroll automatically, simplifying user operations;

random sorting, more suitable for aimless browsing, discovery and casual stroll;

increases the effective reading space of the screen;

is better suited for display of specific content (such as pictures, videos).

has the advantage and naturally exposes its potential disadvantages:

full screen content, visually difficult to focus, each feed visual interaction is greater;

‘s rich content presentation determines that it is not suitable for a strong interactive experience, and more behavior is just a look at it;

lacks order and does not facilitate purposeful screening;

While browsing vertically,

needs to take into account both horizontal content and user habits;

too much information is tiled, which makes it easier for users to feel tired.

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