What are the consequences of the website filing to the access provider

many people are in the field of the preparation for the record, if you want to take a photo of this will bring great difficulties to the webmaster, for our webmaster, who want to through the network of college students, and some non occupation personnel is one disaster after another. I think a lot of people want to through the network to business is not an easy thing, even if some difficult policy, I want to make the most money not only people who want to start up business!! and at the same time will increase the gap between the rich and the poor, the rich people or not in between these sites, but for no money webmaster is nothing but a fatal blow!

This policy benefits

the Ministry of course is convenient to manage, but the consequences will be a lot of personal websites! Not because the site but not the case of illegal production!! no money to buy even a record, a problem space. Besides, taking photos in different places. Who pays for the expenses during the period, who is responsible for the safety?

I think that national policies, to consider the overall situation at the same time, also want to consider these to want to start the personal website!! it is to protect the small website! Not only a threat to personal webmaster, I think when this policy is implemented, will bring a lot of unnecessary spending, give people more burden, the corresponding advertising fees will increase, the trend of monopoly website is more and more serious polarization!


I think these are all countries should consider the issue, must ensure that the small and medium-sized website interests! In addition, if the implementation of the program, I think most sites may consider going abroad! So as a webmaster, I hope that the relevant departments will formulate corresponding policies to protect personal interests website! Of course! To abide by the laws of the state of personal website


above is some personal opinion, I am a university student entrepreneurship, perhaps for the protection of their own interests! If there is an error, please correct me! If you want to use, the need to indicate the source: generalplus Fashion Network: http://s.xxlingtong168.cn/

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