That’s how look for links

continues "my website promotes the method and the means" the second promotion method detailed means: the sincere application links. In fact, there are already a lot of people on the Internet talking about how to apply for a link, search online, you can find a lot of ways to apply for friendship connection. In fact, the method is similar, as long as you do seriously, you must find a relatively high weight of friendship links. It should be noted that links will hardly bring traffic to your site. Now I’m going to list some of the better ways to find links.

1: friendship link QQ group.

advantages: through QQ group to find friendship links, Lu Songsong think is the most efficient method, can directly contact the webmaster himself, save time and effort, can quickly connect.

disadvantages: but what kind of websites in QQ group have, and most of them are for SEO to do links, and there is no love.

2: go to the forum section, SNS site link exchange group.

first of all, I would like to say that Lu Songsong has never exchanged links on such websites, but I still publish the information and promote it by the way, so I don’t know the advantages and disadvantages. But this method is used by many webmaster.

The first two

I think is the most commonly used method for the webmaster, there are some methods for Links I do not say to Google, a search can be a lot of. Here is my search for friendship links, and hope to be useful to everyone.

1: find links in other people’s friendship links.

tongue twister, well, read it carefully and you’ll see. Lu Songsong in the application of friendship link, is to find some weight higher web site, of course, people will not be connected with you. Then I will find his friendship link in the small web site, to see the weight is relatively high, and then take the initiative to send information to him, so the application link success rate is very high.

2: find links in your links to your site.

is similar to the first, but only if you have your own links. If you find your site in the chain site has more links to PR, then please go to the station. The reason is that high PR links and you are willing to friends of the chain website links, then your website is easier and the high PR site connected to do. Then you have the nerve to go to the high PR site to link it, there will always be a person who will make you a link.

3: try to link up with a big website.

this should be regarded as the brand effect, the so-called big web site is similar to the portal link, PR may not be high, but this is what you do after the link weight. For example, when my blog was just independent, I made a one-way connection to the government website

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