E commerce faces 1% to 7% temptation investment and entrepreneurs quickly put in

Many segments of

China throughout the Internet, after ten years of development, has begun to appear big game player dominated the market, let the other potential competitors to dream, but perhaps only one exception — electronic commerce field.

For example,

portal, instant messaging, search engines and other areas, there have been four major portals, Tencent and Baidu dominated the market, other investors and entrepreneurs can not only find the path in front collision ". But ten years later, e-commerce is still surging forward, in the eyes of entrepreneurs and investors, the market threshold as "dummy."".

so, in addition to Dangdang, excellence, Jingdong and Taobao, many e-commerce entrepreneurs in the current force, especially heavily together in the new mode of various B2C fields.

1 new entrants:

bet "community + e-commerce"

, as long as China’s online retail sales account for only a single digit, the market is not short of money and new companies." Dangdang co President Li Guoqing on the "First Financial Daily" said that this round of investor hopes to the rapid expansion of Chinese website money, online retail accounted for only 1% of total social retail sales data, which is 4% in the United States, most of the Asian 7%.

The temptation of

from 1% to 7% has allowed countless investments and start-ups to pour in. This wave of fire is the concept of "community + e-commerce" combination, as well as department store platform development.

excellent network and my friend network is two new entrants to build communities, combined with examples of e-commerce. Sun Tongyu, founder of Taobao and MSN, former vice president of SNS, China, began to work together to create an excellent public network, trying to combine e-commerce with the internet.

Chen Xiaoceng put their own photos of a villa in Yunnan on the web site, so that friends around to share the desire to go to a trip, which makes Chen Xiao aware that the community is a good promotion. For example, to send children to what kind of kindergarten, what kind of car for change, friends around as long as the good, the possibility of acceptance of the user is very high.

The main framework of

excellent network is "happy net + Taobao" mode. The SNS site will be promoted in seven cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, and so on, and hopefully it will take shape at the end of the year. Chen Xiao said, the public network is not for all groups to provide services, just positioning high-end.

Chen Xiaojiang website positioning has certain consumption ability in Chinese 8 million families, including 16 million to 24 million of the high consumption stratum, "find a consumption of 100 yuan and 100 of the users find the consumption of 1 yuan user value is the same." Chen Xiao expresses.

On the basis of building communities,

will also be based on the user’s behavior analysis, with the help of complex algorithms to identify users, and in this way, in marketing to establish a more reliable way. For example, the real link between friends in a link between people is a strong link, Chen Xiaoyu, Sun Tongyu for excellence

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