Junior high school my website and my course

introduction: I do not have any advanced technology, I do not have a good knitting language, write a touching article, I just want to share with you the course of my website.

I think it’s a bit difficult to do, but I’m lucky to share the experience of an ordinary high school student who has earned more than 2000 a month from scratch,

, junior high school contact homepage production, my personal homepage course,

first exposure to web production, it can be said to be very natural. My sister is a vocational school computer professional, home page produced books, love pondering, I began the first contact with the web site. It was junior year.

the first to the second, are growing up in the bumps in the. The web is really old version of it (Dreamweaver 3), I saw a few will throw away, to find their own Internet code, find tutorial studies, sometimes save others "is how to get out and see the effect. Often think of a web page until midnight, 2 or 3.

most people who started learning web pages would like to make a personal homepage of their own. The second day I also try to do their own home, has been grinding mill, finally achievement (although it is based on some of the personal homepage, but added some inspiration, a lot of their own for the personal homepage will feel shy xianchou!).

built personal homepage during the ordeal can be difficult, mainly because of the use of free space, sometimes empty the future and save, the site is all over, and have to redo…… Another time with PS, the result was wrong and closed without saving. A week’s hard work was ruined. Fortunately, the people who came to my homepage have given me a lot of comments, and that’s worth it,


, but it is because of this personal home page, just in the future let me into the personal website webmaster ranks. Junior high school graduation that summer, I saw a space (I use his free space) a personal homepage contest, I went to vote, ashamed, because who is less, I will mobilize friends, help me to brush to second, obtained 200 yuan can buy hosting space (high time I spent 100 to buy space domain Name + homepage construction. The remaining 100 has achieved my personal website! Please go on)


(two) high school to earn the first pot of gold in life, I can make money!


higher term, online, a person to find me to get a business website, 600 yuan, and very simple. This is my first pot of gold (the website address is not provided, _ -).

and let me want to be a personal webmaster, is a high summer vacation, contact with the CMS.

I thought it was a very difficult thing to do, and then came into contact with CMS (new cloud system), and realized the "collection" thing. And that’s what makes me strong

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