From the power of Zhuo

Hello everyone.

I’m a web page interested in rookies, and by the end of 07 I did a small station, about QQ non mainstream.

or landing Baidu first, a few days time traffic has risen to more than 1000. I am secretly glad that what SEO do not understand, just to flow, who knows that after that, the site traffic suddenly suddenly reduced. Asked the friend, only then knew that stands by the Baidu OVER. K station, this time I don’t understand, I asked him what to do, he said, optimization, do it again. Well, if you continue to develop, you can only optimize it.

so I began to learn SEO knowledge, and on this basis to consult a friend, a friend of the younger brother good! Give me some SEO knowledge. But the middle of the site did not stop or sad, every day to update.

, but Baidu is not included, and later did not even want to do. But no time to webmaster nets, see the success of other webmaster, and friends support or continue to get down.

I insist… Then I stopped the station for a few days and then made the template again.

a week or so open station opened day Baidu included me. I was very excited, included more than 800 pages, time to heart, I updated every day things go in. I thought Baidu wanted to K my station again.

who knows, still can, Baidu has been included about 800 now. The traffic is OK,

wrote down the point here, just to say to those friends at K station, as long as you have perseverance, Baidu is not your opponent at all,


sooner or later he will welcome you, and the light ahead, with your heart of the Zhuo go down,


, I believe that the power of execution is unlimited! –Cenny


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