How to conduct website management investment consciousness decides the construction of website group

has recently been in the business of their music website (today music) and other things, also did not have much time to share some experience, the last time there is a friend to find me a program of cooperation projects, and in fact almost sale, now foreign CJ and CB did, and did very well, in addition to this friend has certain investment plans, so a total, it will determine the course, this is not our main topic, I just use this event to introduce this theme – the investment consciousness decided to build a website group.

may have some friends remember before I wrote an article: "to build their own websites – to build their own occupation planning" in this article I mainly said a how to build your own web site, but because of the time, on a more important question is not how we explore, that is our reference point with which to build their own websites? I think it is the investment consciousness.

everyone has a sense of investment, but the important point is that your investment consciousness whether science, and is really in line with your personal or team, here, we have to put yourself in a third party investors perspective on this issue, if I as an investor, I hope this website will be on-line or the website group should bring what interests me, I personally think that only, always grasp the investment returns this benchmark, we can begin after the operation, or possibly even a multiplier, and based on this point, I plan from the investment philosophy, investment environment, investment the conditions, build the project, risk awareness, funds withdrawn from the 6 aspects of your own point of view.

1. (Investment Awareness) investment philosophy: put money into capital, with the most simple words is to put money into real may be added, such as real estate, fund, stock, same here is to invest money into the development and operation of the site, there is no need to go into details, comparison the important point is that the money is your own or someone else, if someone else is, how do you ask him to invest? Of course I was conservative, yet we are still trying to use other people’s money as well, after all, we have to face the reality, to successfully manage a website or create a website group, rely on their own funds, it is not so easy, so I think we should take the investment idea should be: try to get others into you The project system, thereby reducing the risk of personal investment.

2. (Investment Environment) investment environment: We determined the investment philosophy, now is the time to see what your project is facing what kind of environment? The topic of international financial crisis is too broad, but for now, the real strength of the investors are more conservative now is a fact, and site management, several main areas we have a few.

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July 25, 2017