The student stationmaster chooses the network to choose lonely

I am not accustomed to chat, I am not, but I don’t want to network, give me the feeling of loneliness; every day I will get to the Internet, not I love this loneliness, but my life needs it, at least I have used! Network is entertainment, games, love for many people, and I? I have to rely on a network of my dreams! All those years of wandering in the vast Internet, after many groundless talk, how many years go by


life, there must be the loss of income, through the network, get a lot, also lost a lot! No matter I in the virtual world of the Internet how extraordinary achievements, how the brilliance, but cannot do without the real fate! A network of people, a network of people, is lonely how many nights! We are sitting alone in the cold in front of the computer beat code boring? How many times in the lonely night but we still make painstaking efforts in design that a picture of colorful "www.qhao123.cn


chose the network, choose loneliness! You will also surf the Internet, but you can not understand these people rely on our network life! When you play games and chat with QQ, watching movies, listening to the song, what are we doing? We are alone make painstaking efforts work that you see! Beautiful ", using the Internet to bring you convenience, you will think of this group of people behind the computer screen of the


every day from dawn to dusk, the night alone! Although we will use QQ and MSN, but we seldom use it to chat, there is only work on contact! We don’t want to talk with others, don’t we the lonely lonely hearts do not want to exchange with the outside world? No, we actually also like ordinary people, this is our choice of the network, so that ordinary people are no longer easy life! Every day boring work, we have to change our work in the network be scanty of words, no matter in how well, but when to return to reality, we have found that it is hard to communicate with others after all. The long isolated words of few words of the day, have changed our thinking, we no longer make good communication


as for love, these people are not willing to ask for it. Is there a woman who would like to give her life to someone who doesn’t know romantic, taciturn, or a little emotional appeal? Www.qhao123.cn

so, we continue to lonely, lonely! But we have used! But we must not happy, whenever we do the work by others when recognition and praise, we might only have the joy of success which people can experience


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