My website seamless upgrade the whole process

website, often encounter "heart planted, flower can not, inadvertently inserted Liu Liu shady" situation. Just looking for a program to pick a domain name, then just bought a space to do a very casual website, you will find the website should have achieved good rankings, there are a lot of traffic, of course, can bring you a little money. Look at the increasing flow, visitors actually volunteered to ask you to change the site to a beautiful point, you may not be so casual.

website upgrade, revision, that is a big event. Well, your ranking is higher and visitors will like your site better. Change is not good, the original ranking is gone, and your site changed, equal to white change. My "insomnia people’s health network" revision process for everyone to talk about, I hope to give the "rookie" who have some experience, but also hope to get "prawns" who point to.

my insomnia person, the original website program is ASP, only the article release, generate static page function. As the traffic grew, I decided to switch to a more interactive PHP program and chose dede. The program is selected and the space is fixed. Next, start upgrading your website:

first step: add a few articles to the insomnia website, and then keep the old website content, domain name space unchanged. In this way, in the last few days of website upgrade, spider comes to visit website, the website has content.

second step: enable a two level domain name. For example: I used the domain name for, I will enable, remove the WWW, pointing to new space. Debug the program in the new space.

third step: add a few articles on the new website, so that the new site will not be a hole in the space.

fourth step: the old web site of all static pages, including pictures, attachments, etc. all packaged, downloaded to the local. Then adjust the connection in the page, point to the old page internal part of the link all removed, pointing to the home page remain unchanged.

fifth step: the local old web files to new space.

sixth step: the original domain name points to new space, disable (turn to in domain name management.). In short, keep the domain name unique.

seventh step: find some link chain to new web site.

eighth step: keep updating new websites, promote new websites, and optimize new websites.

anyway, I’ve done so much to avoid the most serious taboo of SEO: a large number of 404 pages appear. Exhort again, the site upgrade and facelift must not delete the old web search engine, otherwise it will be severe punishment.

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