Where should the stationmaster go in 2009

was the first to introduce myself, I am 05 years beginning in July to enter the industry, the establishment of the company – Dalian heap Valley Technology Co., of course, just spend a few thousand dollars for a company to do the accounting agency, then is to find the office, not in the home office, find a like office, office there, it would have to add some office supplies, then add office furniture, use their own computer to move the table, family moved to buy a few desks, then get some folders, drinking fountains and stuff, wipe the sweat, look after more than half a month of results breathed a sigh of relief, but also feel a sense of achievement, I am a company boss, that cool, don’t mention it, the evening call friends into a small restaurant, poor ah, only this form of celebration, A drink with great eloquence, talk about the current situation, it will soon be successful, go out a car, live all over the country to play, the heart is a word,


company was founded, but the next step will be to recruit, not too high, it is a boss, where dare to ask others ah, only to find a technical personnel, and technicians to address each other as brothers on the surface, I know is amiable and easy of approach, the technician when Uncle treat yourself when clerk.

began the difficult not elaborate, I want to start the webmaster should have had the same experience, no customers, no relationship, everything is from the beginning of 0, but we have a passion, not afraid of the wall, not afraid of failure, because the cost is not high, every day under the scorching sun, the streets run a family, ask, eat a myriad of cold-shoulder treatment, it is not afraid, because I know that in the start-up stage, this is normal, eat bitter is what I did not see the boss’s face act, being your own boss, this is what to do in this bitter, things for yourself, run ah, ah one day, two days, three days, one, two, three. A customer is not immediately pull, a month later, the wages of the day to do ah, is really hard work pays off, there is a housing intermediary companies, had another has been basically settled, I go to and install antivirus software to him, and install the system, finally moved him, of course I know or the price touched him, the 700 seas. Poor ah, even the money this month rent is not enough, not to mention technician, of course, did not consider these, finally see the dawn, the day will dawn, success is not far away from me, go to drink to celebrate, once again ignited the pent up passion, and a drink a fully and delightfully.

slowly, the company entered the stage of normal development, more and more customers, I will no longer personally run business, recruit business personnel, recruit technical staff, many people, also on the scale, the bus ran the business to the people, I want to advertise, play, service personnel to the yellow pages,, advertising, network play, the play also play, the play also play, afraid of what, have to pay a return, with so many sales >

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