Where is the profitable way of Chinese SNS

, while some of the "ashes" of Internet users are leaving, the craze for Chinese SNS sites may be at the very beginning. According to statistics, at present, the number of domestic SNS Internet users is about 80 million, but compared with nearly 300 million of the total number of Internet users, there is obviously a considerable space for people to daydream.

June 10th, foreign blog website Technorati index released a survey report, tracking the site in the past 120 days only 7 million 700 thousand of 133 million blog blog also continue to update, which means that 95% of the blog has actually been abandoned. Jalichandra, CEO of the company, believes that some of the blogs that have abandoned the update are due to new platforms, such as SNS. "The blog" once glorious, provoking a strong people on the SNS website value expectations.


site contends for the SNS project,

China’s Internet world, the trend of SNS is becoming increasingly evident. "It’s like you go to a mountain to treasure, a lot of stone, you press a stone door will open. But where is the stone? It’s hard to find. The net may have found such a stone, and then the door opened." Chairman of the board of directors of Sohu Zhang Zhaoyang said.

since last month, sina Sohu "friends" and "white society" have officially entered the closed beta stage, and the first step of the Tencent and the NetEase QQ alumni blog, the largest commercial portal has started to enter the SNS market. At the same time, Alibaba brewing launched "contacts", business treasure launched "business contacts", China Mobile, 139.com and new China Unicom also plans to cut into SNS positions. Since the year with a quietly developing happy net, campus network, network, network at home, sitting the sky, 5G, ant net, colleagues…… In the eyes of many people, the domestic SNS website melee is about to start.

"Facebook" is the most popular social networking site in Europe and America, but due to geographical and cultural differences, the user base and domestic social networking sites will inevitably be more or less different. On social networking sites, advocating social is the eternal theme, but this kind of relative Facebook to maintain user contact, emphasize the real social as the core of the website, the domestic users tend to be more entertaining and open social." Chen Pingchuan, director of product at the Hangzhou Research Institute in the NetEase, believes that the idea of "entertainment while designing" will be a great opportunity to apply to the community web site."

a happy net managers think, happy net is Chinese innovation, the website name "happy net" is the embodiment of the Chinese unique values and philosophy of life, with Chinese "happy" philosophy of life.

in fact, this is what users expect from the happy network tomorrow. "The novelty of the game is one of the reasons I keep playing," says Rowe, who claims to be on the SNS website "enthusiasm has gone down"

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