Site operations analysis mogujie com how to achieve high conversion rate

is the most popular online shopping community in the country, and the first thing that comes to mind is mogujie.com and beauty. How do the two websites achieve high transformation? Why are so many people buying? A small number of people think that micro-blog has accomplished them, and most people still recognize their innovative mode of marketing. Mogujie.com and beauty say successful micro-blog marketing was later imitated by many websites. Today, Fujian SEO blog take mogujie.com website to do analysis, exactly what kind of marketing model, let website realize high transformation?


mogujie.com is an e-commerce website dedicated to fashion consumers, providing customers with clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and other fields suitable for users. Mogujie.com APP has become a must-have APP.

detailed socialization analysis


original definition is 18 to 28 year old group, a shopping guide website, providing content sharing and recommendation for the group, let this group of the pursuit of fashion, can also be understood as the SNS community, a typical social platform.

mogujie.com’s social analysis is divided into: 1, socializing. 2, community. 3, socialization.

mogujie.com detailed social analysis. As you all know, mogujie.com has a collection of recommended languages. For example, two good friends a and B, a ready to buy a skirt, put the a page recommendation to B, B looks quite nice, but not buy, two good friends can not buy the same dress together, which belongs to the social. A person in mogujie.com saw a skirt, the page links to the major sites, QQ space, micro-blog, WeChat, causing more attention and forwarding, which belongs to the community. For example, a students to see in mogujie.com today a dress very much love, because there is no money may not immediately pay, first add to favorites, users of this behavior is very important for the staff of mogujie.com data analysis, can judge over time may be what kind of popular products, what style, these potential customers is the focus of the analysis, which belongs to socialization.

unique user initial experience

when mogujie.com started, most of the team came from sellers. When it comes to beauty, people compare mogujie.com, and web data reports show that mogujie.com’s users are more confident of their viscosity and access than beauty. According to relevant data statistics, mogujie.com’s market share accounted for nearly 80%. Mogujie.com page layout design is very beautiful, the user first feeling is comfortable, relaxed. Page layout pioneered waterfall picture wall, the first reverse buy model, in the user experience worthy of our study.

analyzes data from a female perspective,

time for users to consider the problem, mogujie.com can be said to be the most understanding of users, consumers shopping platform. According to the user’s choice of products in order: the first is the style, second is the price, third is quality and service, and fourth is the brand. This is not the same as many traditional electricity supplier enterprise marketing mode

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