Mou Changqing how to predict popular search keywords

, this article was written a week ago, and I finally have time to share it with you today. Today I take the film and television class keywords as an example, how to predict what keywords in advance, search people will suddenly increase.

one: serialized film and television anime

has done animation website friends may know, and now the most popular anime, basically are serialized. That means an episode every week. Such as Naruto, One Piece, death and so on. Because I have done an animation forum before, so I am very familiar with. For example, "One Piece" in the country every week regular watch, One Piece fans may be 1 million people. And One Piece is a regular week, 7 will be an episode. For example, last week, 7 out of the "One Piece 398", this week will be 7 out of "One Piece 399."". From the beginning of May 5 weeks time, there will be 1/50 not familiar with the playing time of One Piece fans trying to find 399 One Piece video on the internet. The 7 week to 1 week this time, familiar with the playback time of 4/5 One Piece in the online search of his fans are located One Piece 399". So, like One Piece 399, people who search at fixed times have many words that can be predicted in advance.

when I was making anime forums, I got a lot of traffic from the search engines by optimizing these keywords in advance. In addition to anime, there are many popular American drama is also serialized. Such as "jailbreak" I have ahead of one of the most optimized keywords Xinji number of escape, and through the keywords, from Baidu access to tens of thousands of IP.

two: Mango CCTV 18 jade table eight points

this is the result of my frequent observation of Baidu’s top ten TV dramas. Mango platform and CCTV, CCTV eight, is the highest rated TV show in china. Remember when I watched CCTV’s 8 Movie "the same period of film and television", there was a TV show rating list TOP10, the highest ratings TV series, mainly these 3 stations in the play. We can look at the list of Baidu TV drama list, TOP10 inside, there may be 6 are these units are being hit, or just play the end of the TV series. For example, now ranked first "my youth who calls the shots" is CCTV is a hit TV series, the daily search volume of 20 tens of thousands.

and these hot words can be expected in advance when they don’t have many people to search for, because a new TV series will be released 1 months ahead of schedule. But at that time, the search will certainly not many people, many people because after a few episodes, want to know the story behind, and then go online to find, so search volume suddenly increased. The influence of jade platform is also very big, because the new drama of Hongkong wireless is all broadcast on jade platform. In addition, the Taiwan hit some of the idol drama, but also a lot of attention. These are predictable in advance. Some of the popular drama also broadcast a weekly set, with the Japanese animation, drama is like, can be.

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