Talking about how to do the novel download station

The last time the

talked about some experience, I do actually, these are of no great importance to tell the truth, you will say I am in nonsense., I do not have what to say. The idea is to share some of the experiences of standing with more people. It’s not what some people think is "soft Wen"". I still do not know how to write the soft Wen, if you really can write a high quality soft text out. That’ll be all right.

today, I’d like to talk to you about some of the experiences I downloaded from my own novels. Of course, I still have to explain here. I plan to write three altogether. The last one may have been read. There are many good reviews and bad reviews. It’s normal, and I don’t mind. I’m going to talk about some of my skills here. Next, write some promotion. So. Like to continue to pay attention to.

many people may have doubts, think, now new station is not good, there is no strength to compete with those old station. Of course, there is some truth in what he says. There are many objective factors. For example, there is no resources, many people do not have high quality outside the chain, there is not enough experience. But, we say, all of these are accumulated. Those old stations were just like us a few years ago. These problems also exist.

new station, there are new practices. On the interconnection network. I think everyone is equal, just to see if you can run faster than others. First of all, let’s talk about resource acquisition. As a novel stand, the real original stand so few. The rest is piracy". That is reproduced by others. But reproduced also reproduced skills. A lot of people’s eyebrows beard. Indiscriminately. Just look, it’s a toy. Just copy it cheerfully. In fact. Need not. It doesn’t make any sense. Finally wasted his time, do not say, but also can not play a good role.

especially as a novel download station, every step will give you a certain amount of traffic. Just the amount of traffic. The reason is simple. Just because the novel you’re using is a finished product, and since it’s a finished product, there’s going to be some viewers. So, this is also a little advantage to do download. When we reprint and collect information. We should know about the hottest and latest hits on other sites. Then, do a good job, seo. It can be easily arranged on the first page. To do the last thing. You need to know enough about the novel. Learn about the latest developments in the industry. Keep hands on hand. Strive to put this information on your website before others. That is to say, we should have a keen professional sense of smell.

if this is a highly popular work. Naturally, many people use it. This time, if you want to use it too. Well then. You first see how other stations perform it. Then。 You collect it. Try to make it original. Let the search engine think you’re different from the others. If you understand seo. That’s better. Such as how to install

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