Site user experience provide positive feedback for successful user actions

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we like to tell users what they’ve done wrong, and we’ve prepared a variety of error tips, from the wrong number of phone numbers, to the login failure. But what did we do with the user’s successful operations? Did they help them celebrate and tell them, "Hey, you did the right thing,


positive feedback is a key factor in improving the user experience, and it’s important for you to let users know that they’re doing the right thing. In this article, we will work together to see why positive feedback is by no means unnecessary. As a designer, when and how should we apply it to the web site?.

why is positive feedback so important,


ever wondered why most people do not like the virtual keyboard on touchscreen devices? The main reason is that the feedback they offer is hard to compare with the physical keyboard. Can not deny that the touch screen operating platform designers really tried, such as entity texture visual effects, sound effects and percussion touch button amplification popup, these solutions are to the operating behavior of users has brought some positive reinforcement, but they did not reach the front button can bring the feedback effect because, no matter what, the virtual keyboard can imitate the touch keyboard.

this is a let people worry and helpless reality, it also illustrates the positive feedback from one side of the importance of the product. For virtual keyboards, there is a lack of real and strong positive feedback, and the result is that users are difficult to produce enough experience satisfaction in this area.

in fact, most users are always difficult to produce real satisfaction, whether they are limited by their skills or your product itself is really a problem. They worry about what they’ve done wrong, and they want to know if the site really knows what they’re doing. Many times this is because they do not really understand the mechanism of the operation of the site, the result is that once problems arise, they will first blame themselves.

through positive feedback mechanisms, we can gradually help users dispel these concerns, help them build confidence, so that they feel everything is going smoothly. This is especially important for users who lack confidence in their computing equipment capabilities. This kind of user, in fact, may not really lack exercise

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