Project QA Laotaimen jiamengfei how many buns

open a steamed stuffed bun shop, the cost is not small, for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs are more appropriate. Laotaimen bun franchise fee? Many friends are asking such a question. The small will take you to see the Laotaimen buns to join the project introduction.

Laotaimen jiamengfei buns? Investment in a 10-20 square meters of shops: 8 thousand yuan to join the fee (management fees) +5 thousand yuan of equipment investment +2 thousand yuan store renovation around +2 million store rent about +5 thousand yuan of liquidity. The total cost of about 40 thousand yuan.

Laotaimen jiamengfei buns? Laotaimen bun franchise fee is not high, it is suitable for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. If you want to open a baozi Inn, you may pay more attention to the project project Laotaimen Gerrard, the investment cost is not high, management is relatively simple.


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