You have to see the franchise

for those who choose to join the project what is the best, for their own is the best. Many investors may want to find a low cost of investment, the risk of small projects, but there are not many good things in the world, even if there may not be able to fall on your head. The Sea chain business association Hong Guankang said that: "the amount of investment is low also does not mean that the risk of small, 98 franchises in Shanghai Social Security Bureau launched the case, at least the joining fee of only 50 thousand yuan, but a closer look at it is not difficult to find, a lot of less than 50 thousand yuan fee, are not included the first phase of the rent and renovation costs, but the rent and renovation costs are the bulk of opening costs.

if single to attract more people and artificially reduce the threshold of funds, but will increase the risk of investment, Lianhua convenience has such a lesson. For example, Chen Mingzhen, Lianhua last year launched a 70 thousand yuan investment, to do a small boss, the program is indeed a lot of the circle of joining the boss dream". But after the introduction of the actual effect is not good, because the hard to scrape together 70 thousand yuan of investment, stores only in the area of 10 square meters, the types of goods and equipment investment are far behind the opponent, resulting in competition in leeward. After a period of exploration, Lianhua convenience has basically abandoned the 70 thousand yuan to join the program, instead recommended store area of 50 square meters, the investment amount of about $150 thousand to join the program.

is considering joining the capacity, currently on the market to join the program, 200 thousand yuan is the most popular, to join the program, convenience stores, laundries, retailers are generally in the 150 thousand to 200 thousand yuan, only catering, beauty industry capital threshold is slightly higher, about 500 thousand yuan; and like KFC such a super brand to join the cost is as high as 8 million yuan. "The franchise is not minor, Yingchi consulting Chen Hongyuan believe that franchising is a small investment idea is wrong," the Hilton Hotel also belong to the franchise, which needs funds to join the millions of."

young people’s career

nowadays, the policy is still relatively supportive of the development of franchising, and even on some projects to provide loans and tax concessions. The government’s view is that franchising is conducive to the development of re employment projects. The same is true. Lianhua convenience, for example, more than 50% of those who are joining the age of 40 to laid-off workers aged 50. However, Chen Hongyuan made a different point of view: Franchising in the final analysis is the cause of young people."

in accordance with our experience in Taiwan, the age of the participants are relatively young, and even just out of school or just out of the army to join the young are not a minority. For this phenomenon, Chen Hongyuan think it is normal: franchise is most suitable for young people to join." He believes that young people have 3 advantages compared to middle-aged people: young people are more entrepreneurial impulse and passion, but also want to join the bigger and better; young

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