What kind of service should be provided to the wonton shop

what kind of service to the customer, the customer can directly affect the quality of consumption in this shop, which determines whether he / she will become a loyal customer, will become, spread word-of-mouth shop so that if you want to successfully open a shop, also need to provide customers with a more high quality service. So, wonton shop should give the customer what kind of service?

for any restaurants, how many customers are directly related to the store business is good or bad, so how to achieve the customer service mind to retain customers is everyone the same pursuit, then as a nationwide popular wonton shop how to provide customers with satisfactory service? Famous wonton to join the chain brand auspicious wonton? With many years of operating experience to share with you.

too enthusiastic not sincere service not worth mentioning

Internet economy advocates user experience, so a lot of wonton shop will warm service as to class, this is a good thing but if excessive but will give the customer a bad impression, such as a store clerk forced a few steps a gang greets customers, customers do not necessarily love, but after a period of time to become a mere formality or clerk and colleagues do little tricks, but let more customers do not like.

in small series, a wonton shop, welcome is necessary, but not too warm, our staff to serious attitude, sincere smile and service, to make every move does is to provide convenience for the customer, rather than a simple Welcome to halfheartedly.

take seriously every customer and its requirements

the customer is God, the old saying to impressed every restaurant in the brain, the customer to the store consumption is not satisfied, but also hope to get attention. For example, a customer first entered the wonton shop is not assured of the tables and chairs of health, suggest the clerk and then wipe it again, if the clerk showed displeasure and that there is no health problems, or even directly refute "this is just polished" can make the customer feel valued, more assured health shop.

we need to understand, for customers, is normal to us at first do not trust, we should seriously treat the customer requirements dispel doubts, let customers dining in a relaxed environment to bring more customers.

understand national taboos and respect customers

China is a multi-ethnic country, some ethnic groups have some taboos, such as Manchu Hui do not eat pork, do not eat dog meat, when the meal is recommended if the customer in the customer or forbidden food ingredients do not know the specific case offers customers forbidden food, don’t argue, should be respected > their National taboo

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