Simple demand is the beginning of entrepreneurship

says many people are entrepreneurs complain incessantly say business is difficult, said, entrepreneurship is not easy. Many people want to know whether there is a good way to start a business, there is no good plan. Here, Xiaobian for you to be a lot of successful people respected – simple demand is the beginning of entrepreneurship!

second suggestions: don’t start narrowlyunderstood into a company and give your name card box called themselves, CEO, to the understanding of the market, an idea into a mature business model requires the accumulation of experience. So, just entering the arena, to join other people’s company, spend other people’s money to practice their own ability is also very good. And with the accumulation of experience and improve, really one day when you set up a team, you will find that you can not go alone, you may also need a CEO, a product expert.

third suggestions: China Internet business environment, the future is bright, the road is tortuous, the wireless Internet and create more opportunities for entrepreneurs, but the requirement of higher than ten years ago a lot, but the threshold is not more money can cross the past. When we are silly, who got a sum of money in the Internet occupies a piece of land, as long as they do not make a big mistake can be "left" for the king; now there are some out of business mode, start-up companies wade out a road, rivers and lakes bigwigs put this model to copy. In fact, plagiarism is not terrible, terrible people than you have the resources, the amount of users.

Fourth suggestions: I often receive a business plan, of course, may also is not my eye, but from the probability, if a person has no accumulation of business plan to do a big problem, I think it is not reliable. Take Facebook for example, what is the real history? Is it for everyone in the world? If not, is said to Harvard girls school, Harvard boys can see their pictures on a website.

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