Nine flavor steamed bun is how much

brand steamed stuffed bun, small series for everyone to offer nine flavor steamed buns". Yantai nine flavors of food and Beverage Management Co., Ltd.’s brand, "nine flavors" is based on the main chain of steamed stuffed buns professional enterprises, mainly to the characteristics of steamed buns. Nine flavor soup with a unique formula, unique technology, superior taste, become an independent school in the breakfast market.

nine flavor steamed stuffed bun is the reason why it will attract so many franchisees eyeball, the main reason lies in the brand awareness, reputation is good. Another is the steamed stuffed bun range, such as: meat soup, pickled meat, bean meat dumplings, corn meat dumplings, chilli meat bag etc.. As long as we have been trained in a short period of time to master the production of these types of steamed stuffed bun technology, thus the smooth shop.

in order to expand the market a greater influence, so that more students enjoy greater benefits, training of personnel along learning, full-time teaching, we focus on practical training, taught, teaching packages, until you can operate independently, can go home shop, wealth vision decision technology achievements dream, a no regrets choose a substantial project, reconciled lifetime of migrant workers, for their own dreams and cause please join nine flavor soup, nine flavor is the most solid bridge for you to success. Nine flavor steamed buns how much money? The following is a brief introduction to the nine flavor steamed buns.

nine flavor steamed buns joined in less than ten thousand. The following are some of the funding requirements:

1, join fee 5000 yuan;

2, equipment 5000 yuan;

3, according to the lot and the franchisee to join the general intention of 5000 yuan; not rent a shop investment in the range of 15000 – 20000 yuan;

4, store rent (all over the different, in principle, not less than 10 square meters).

nine flavor steamed stuffed bun is how much we must have been quite sure. Nine flavor steamed stuffed bun is a well-known brand to join the brand, the brand has been established by the majority of franchisee recognition. As long as you have enough enthusiasm, in line with the requirements of the nine flavor steamed buns, always look forward to your joining.

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