Nanjing house prices rose for 14 consecutive months in the top 70 cities in third

we seem to be getting used to the rise and fall in house prices. But, have you ever seen the house price rising for 14 months? Nanjing to create this miracle. Let’s look at the specific situation!

Nanjing house prices have been rising for 14 months! National Bureau of statistics data released yesterday show that in April the new house rose 4.4% in Nanjing, the chain rose and rose in the same year in the top 70 cities in the top third.

National: first line adjustment led

4 months in 70 large and medium cities, new home prices rose the city reached 65, an increase of 3 over the previous month, the decline of the city has a decrease of 3 over last month.

first tier cities housing prices rose significantly down, has been led by Shenzhen and Shanghai, April new homes were up 2.3% and 3.6%, or fell sharply, Beijing and Guangzhou rose by 3% and respectively. Prices rose to become the second tier cities leader. Hefei, Xiamen prices rose 5.8% and 5.3%, respectively, in the top two; Nanjing, Huizhou, Hangzhou, Fuzhou and other cities have also seen a large group of two or three rose.

Nanjing: 70 cities in the top third

4 month Nanjing new homes rose as high as 4.4%, ranking the top 70 cities in the third. From the chain rose, the 14 consecutive months of rising prices, Nanjing showed a trend of acceleration. March increase was 3.5% in April up to 4.4%, the current round of the largest monthly increase in house prices.

prices on the same period, Nanjing’s 22.6% increase in the 70 cities also ranked in the third. In addition, in April Nanjing second-hand housing prices rose 3.5%.

look at other cities in Jiangsu, new homes, Wuxi, Yangzhou, Xuzhou rose 2.8%, respectively, 0.4%, 1%. Second hand housing, Wuxi and Xuzhou rose 1.2% and 0.5%, Yangzhou flat.

analysis: adjustment or not far

in addition to housing prices, Nanjing premium is also in the country faceless. An agency statistics show that in 2016 the country has been the most expensive ten plots, the number of Nanjing even up to reach 4.

consulting with the policy research director Zhang Hongwei analysis, 5 – Suzhou, Nanjing, in June to become the Hefei city policy tightening "window period", the second half of the city’s real estate market will enter a period of adjustment. And some of the city’s high priced items, will experience "winter".

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