How much does it cost to open a computer repair shop

computer is one of the essential electronic devices in modern life, the use of convenient but also very easy to bad, they do not understand the need to rely on professional repair shop. How about opening a computer repair shop? How much does it cost? If you are not clear about the problem, you can learn it.

1, a typhoon gun: the price of 260 ~ 300 yuan on it,

2, a temperature control soldering iron: price around 260

3, a common iron: the price of 35 yuan or so (welding some of the less precise place)

4: there are different types of tin solder and solder ball, a bottle of about 80 yuan, and tin about 10 ~ 50 yuan a, a collection of


5, screwdriver, tweezers, tin belt, flux, pliers, magnifying glass and other accessories: all kinds of models add up to about 1000 yuan.

6, a computer: the general choice of 3000 yuan or so, mobile phone repair shops need to brush the necessary

7, BGA welding machine: 8000 yuan is better. (computer repair shop South Bridge, Beiqiao, CPU needs)

8, oscilloscope: 1600 yuan or so

9, regulated power supply: 280 ~ 600 yuan can be

10, in addition to some accessories, of course, you can choose according to need to purchase

now probably understand computer repair shop how much money, in fact, a mobile phone repair shop, computer repair shop cost is not high, the key location of the store, the purchase is the most important part of.

as in electronic maintenance market rental counter, then you can walk in the electronic maintenance market, see who wholesale what accessories, and then left the phone booth, after the need when you can call the goods, at checkout (Electronic City farm of Dalian city are so) a day. A node, no use can go back, so that don’t spend a lot of money in stock, and can easily get to the accessories. Independent door is relatively not this convenient, need to have some goods, according to their own economic situation to decide.

open computer repair shop investment needs of the main equipment and facade rent together, also need professional technical staff support, if the main factors fix, then the other side is very.

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