How to do the promotion of the Spring Festival

China is a big country of liquor, a variety of important occasions on the existence of the liquor, not to mention the Spring Festival is a festival with a special significance. Therefore, as soon as the Spring Festival, naturally became the major liquor brands competing for the best time to promote. So, how to do a good job in the Spring Festival Promotion? And let Xiaobian to introduce you.

first, the off-season tree prices, the peak season to go crazy

in the past few days, the reporter in Ji’nan, a supermarket in the east of the liberation of the bridge to see the name of buy one gift, plus a dollar to buy a bottle of promotional activities have been launched. When a reporter browsing the shelves at the same time, the business super promotional staff continue to give reporters publicity and recommendation: after the Spring Festival season, the price of the wine is back to the price tag."

"when the off-season, we usually put the product in the super price in a relatively high position, while other channels will be cheaper. This can not only drive sales of other channels, the season is also very favorable promotional assault." The general manager of Ji’nan Lu Quan Trade Co. Ltd. Zhang Juan gave away the mystery.

not only that, the manufacturers of each dealer inventory has accurate control, if a channel products sell stock during peak season, dealers also never alone to add extra goods, and this method is similar to the "hunger marketing, consumers will automatically lead to other channels to buy.

case revelation

tree through the off-season price way, one hand can help for the super sales outside the channel, on the other hand in the coming season, super price changes, and reflects the super shopping centralization, product promotion, fidelity motorization and other advantages, can also open the huge sales of products.

two, during the Spring Festival to arouse the desire to buy

as the most popular during the Spring Festival is the most important word, Spring Festival in the liquor sales company seems to be a rare promotional platform. Last year, Changsha Fu wine in Changsha, the major car passenger stations, railway stations and other surrounding to carry out a campaign called home flavor promotional activities.

"in recent years, every Spring Festival, the taste of home will always become a hot topic. People in the material life of the rich at the same time, the spirit of joy is reduced, especially some migrant workers migrant brothers, with a year of hard work in exchange for the joy of returning home has become a complex." Yang Huiliu, deputy general manager of the wine industry, told reporters.

it is understood that since last year, the blessing of the wine industry in the area of traffic gathering, first of all through the small flyers, outdoor advertising and other communication, to arouse people home with a good wine and family reunion

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