What is Lin Yanzhi’s experience in doing business

chose to embark on the road of doing business so that everyone will have their own struggle history, experience will naturally be different. In this paper, the small series will introduce the experience of doing business for Lin Yanzhi, the recommendations can be used for more business people.

Lin Yanzhi, Guangdong Chaoshan people, from a small village in 1994 came to Guangzhou to fight, now has two smoke hotel. Over the past 20 years, in the dream of the road, the twists and turns on the bumpy road, she was all the way with sweat and passion.

about business, she has her own experience:

do business and behave like, have a goal, integrity management. My own request is to be honest, business integrity. I never sell cigarettes, sell goods from me is absolutely guaranteed. I shop here for many years, the business is small, most of the customers are old acquaintances, if the customer in here to buy a cigarette, then who will come back?

in addition, the so-called "people rely on clothes, business is also need packing, most of the customers are love and comfortable environment, so the premises must be clean.

has its own team, and the team to do a good job, attach importance to partners, predecessors advice and ideas, let me go a lot of detours. Learn to be grateful and smile, whether it’s for your employees or customers, you will get more returns.

entrepreneurship is not only with this passion, willing to pay a good effort, but also need to have the ability to meet the entrepreneurial. Of course, in addition to entrepreneurial passion, but also must have a keen sense of smell and response to the market. To start from their own best place, the vision should be put in the long run, do not reduce their satisfaction, so as to make the business bigger and bigger.

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