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now, the university entrance exam is not a difficult thing, it is difficult to find a satisfactory job after graduation. Today, there are millions of college graduates every year   influx of society. With the intensification of competition for employment, how to package yourself, how to make personalized resume to employers to love you at first sight, has become the most job seekers   headache. A poor girl out of school early

in Shanghai University found that cool resume, Kaifeng Dana had a girl made her feel inferior as poor students. Each semester, her name will appear in the tuition fee minus  . In the campus cafeteria chewing the cheapest meal, Dana secretly swear: I must Study hard, get rid of poverty, also do one some day in the future   rich!

2005. Along with her to stay in Shanghai, the development of Henan students Song Xiaoman, but   due to high not low, the work has been suspended and undecided. See sisters all day holding a stack of resumes running around and around the wall, a terribly fatigued look, Dana   a suggestion she said: "the competition is too fierce, you might as well make a video resume try, maybe you can surprise!"

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