Three platforms to undertake public entrepreneurship innovation

innovation needs a good platform for the development of enterprises and lay a solid foundation, innovation and entrepreneurship need good financing environment, to ensure the healthy development of enterprises at the same time, innovation also need more resources, these policies are able to help entrepreneurs.

the incubation platform.

the financing platform.

the government of the Guarantee Corporation guarantees Small and micro businesses loans in the amount of 5 million yuan -1000 million in venture loans, cooperative banks floating interest rate does not exceed the benchmark interest rate of 30%; the implementation of the benchmark interest rate at 5 million yuan. Will be adjusted to small loans secured loans, the maximum amount of loans unified adjustment of 100 thousand yuan.

the exchange platform.

in downtown rental area of 1300 square meters, creating the Guangyuan entrepreneurial salon, to carry out normalization of "Thursday" at the end of the guidance of experts on "project display, promotion" and "the end of the season on Entrepreneurship Forum" and other business service activities, entrepreneurs smooth information exchange channels.


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