300 yuan entrepreneurship stall how to earn 150 thousand

only 300 dollars, but would like to do something to make money business, what to do? In many people’s view, even if 300 dollars selling little things can not earn a few money. 300 dollars venture, what can be done? Many people will be dismissive, fake it, how to start 300 yuan. Here is a real case, he put 300 dollars stall, a year income of 150 thousand.

"afternoon shortly before 6 p.m., we put on the stall…… My wife kept shouting, 15 A, 15 A, but from 6 to 7 and a half hour, almost nothing of what people see. How to do? How to do? "This is Bao Zhengzhong in the post description of a first day.

carefully holding 300 dollars, Zhengzhong bag pulling Wang Wei’s hand in the wholesale market, house to house to house to house than. Low cost of entrepreneurship, and finally they fancy a group of cheap clothing, two people overjoyed, with a piece of old sheets wrapped in these clothes, took to Lanzhou City Road, the night market on the sale of.

The formation of

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