How much money is needed Bapo Chuanchuan Xiang investment

bitch, this is usually used to scold the talkative woman we use words, of course, Xiaobian said here is not what malicious, just want to use these two words to introduce leads to the following output Chuanchuan Xiang brand.

Bapo Chuanchuan Xiang from the original street shop, become the development in two years, now has more than and 200 stores in the production and operation of enterprises catering chain enterprises. The delicacy with service delivery skills to promote, happy, continue to comprehensively improve employee occupation quality and service skills, to allow consumers to enjoy the benefits and at the same time, get a detailed and thoughtful service with high quality, high quality and low price will Bapo image is rooted in the hearts of customers.

based Bapo Chuanchuan Xiang continues traditional Chuanchuan Xiang unique taste, spicy and delicious features, combined with the essence of Chengdu ingredients mass consumer tastes and Leshan malatang. The dish has a dry hot pepper face and bottom material is unique, not only to solve the traditional string of incense and Hot pot after eating fire, stomach discomfort, throat dryness and other problems, more ingeniously introduced the waist piece, crisp belly, dragon, gentleman, month tender beef dishes etc.. So how much money Bapo Chuanchuan Xiang to join


Bapo Chuanchuan Xiang joining fee how much money?

Bapo Chuanchuan Xiang joined, small investment, only million yuan. The headquarters of unified formulation of chain store decoration style, and map effect headquarters provided free of charge and the specific construction plans, the franchisee within a specified time and actively organize the construction decoration, the Ministry of planning and design according to the requirements of Engineering Headquarters franchisee to visit the site survey and assist in the implementation of.

Bapo Chuanchuan Xiang, at the headquarters of investment ability, management ability and appropriate stores ability, the franchisee can submit application to the headquarters. According to the headquarters of the region to join the situation, and the applicant’s basic premise to be reviewed. At the same time, applicants can also go to the headquarters for specific inspection, in order to facilitate the headquarters of the investment flow has a more comprehensive and intuitive understanding.

Bapo Chuanchuan Xiang its unique business model, solid technical research and development capabilities, on the basis of original business philosophy, the new management idea to win the market and broad consumer recognition and favor. The rapid expansion of its operating scale, operating efficiency continued to progress, is to open a uniform every two days the rapid development of a franchise, becoming one of the fastest growing in recent years, one of the restaurant chain.

food, food and beverage industry is declining is always impossible, so you invest in catering industry will have a stable business platform. Bapo Chuanchuan Xiang, it is your good choice of entrepreneurship.

Bapo Chuanchuan Xiang joined has the following advantages:

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