Foot cream ten brands list

had a foot chap who should feel, once the weather turns cold, the foot will sting unceasingly, therefore, if you want to have a comfortable winter, in addition to the warm, natural foot cream also need the help". So, the foot cream which brand is good? May wish to learn about the introduction of the small cream cream ten brands list.

foot cream ten brands list: L’OCCITANE NO.1, founded in 1976 in France, large multinational companies, high-end brand cosmetics industry, the world famous brand, Plo Vance O Shug Dan Trading (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

foot cream ten brands list NO.2, Neutrogena Neutrogena: founded in 1954, the United States, Johnson’s brand, one of the largest consumer care products company in the world, Johnson (China) investment company limited.

foot cream ten brands list, Watsons NO.3 Watsons, founded in 1828, one of the largest personal care chain store in Asia, a large multinational group of companies listed, Watsons group (Hongkong) Co., ltd..

foot cream cream ten brands list NO.4, The Body Shop: founded in 1976 in the United Kingdom, the industry’s well-known brands, the brand name of the top ten nasal mask, cosmetics production enterprises, The Body Shop international Limited by Share Ltd.

foot cream ten brands list NO.5, Herborist Herborist, Shanghai Jahwa Abt Associates Inc’s Chinese herbal medicine in the high-end personal care products brand, industry famous brand, Shanghai Herborist Cosmetics Co. ltd..

foot cream ten brands list NO.6, Vaseline Vaseline: in 1859, Unilever’s brand, one of the largest domestic consumer company in the world, the world’s top 500 enterprises, Unilever (Chinese) Co. ltd..

foot cream ten brands list, NO.7 bee Burt’s Bees: from the American brand, beauty series of related production and every kind of bees, advocating natural quality against commercial products and famous.

foot cream ten brands list NO.8, SHIBI: founded in 1988 in Guangdong, set production and sales as one of the professional cosmetics sales company, the brand of the ten depilatory creams, Shanghai SHIBI Cosmetics Co., ltd..

foot cream ten brands list NO.9, Pretty Vally PrettyValley, from Canada, the domestic popular taste life brand, ten bath brand, cross.

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