2016 China nnovation and entrepreneurship competition Ningbo division team registration start

Chinese innovation contest

2016 is hot, now to the Ningbo division of the registration time, such a good opportunity, such a superior platform, now believe that entrepreneurs do not want to miss, and act quickly!

the team began to accept the application by the end of June to complete the Ningbo finals in March 1st, will last for four months, including registration, preliminaries, semi-finals and finals etc.. The teams should be in March 1, 2016 before the establishment of the enterprises registered in the country, with the achievement of innovation of science and technology and Entrepreneurship of entrepreneurial team.

contest set up a special bonus 1 million yuan. Teams qualify for the Ningbo division team semi-finals, each subsidy as high as 5000 yuan; promotion of the national industry finals, can be as high as $10 thousand subsidy.

the tournament to increase the scientific and technological financial support, to provide a total credit of 50 million yuan, 200 million yuan angel investment capital investment team. Qualify for the final and settled in Ningbo team, you can get a one-time subsidy of 10-30 million, in particular, can enjoy a good business strategy".

in incubators, science and technology park must be given free rent period receive tax preferential policy; part or return; priority support in accordance with the relevant plan of science and technology team; first priority to angel investment institutions (people) and the organization of venture capital investment, competition cooperation bank financing support.



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