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food and beverage industry from ancient times, enduring, even social unrest, economic depression, still there will be food and beverage industry, because this is our everyday people. It is said that the food and beverage industry competition, but you have to come up with the courage to dare to struggle, dare to challenge the courage to.

only fast food

Shenzhen Weike Catering Management Company Limited is a direct and franchise Teppanyaki fast food and nutrition in the body self catering enterprises, catering management, food research, education and training, management consulting, marketing planning, joined the chain as a whole, is the pioneer and leader in the "fast food choice Teppanyaki" the new model. Since the only guest "named Taiwan Teppanyaki snack choice was founded in 2009 in Shenzhen city of Luohu District, the development strategy in accordance with the standard, chain, group, has been in Shenzhen, Guangdong key city and domestic major city opened outlets, including chain stores including hundreds of stores. The dishes are diverse, rich in taste and popular. So what are the policy requirements to join it?

join policy:

store area (square meters):200 square meters or more

joining fee (million): $300 thousand yuan

decoration margin (million): (decoration acceptance return) $20 thousand

deposit (yuan): (termination return) $50 thousand

brand royalty 5000 yuan per quarter

preferential policies in various regions, the first franchisee will get three core interests:

1, material "free" right: according to the selected franchise type free distribution of different value of the opening materials.

2, upgrade priority: for the headquarters of the new technology, new dishes, you can give priority to the store, the first half of the month to allow consumers to enjoy, update faster.

3, proxy upgrade right: can be upgraded to become the only priority of the regional agents, more rights.

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