Let Wang dislocation business shops operating fast

today’s shops are facing competition is very intense, if you want to do a good job, often need to master a certain business strategy. Of course, the store is different, the strategy also needs to be different. For Zhang Wang, the dislocation is to take the business strategy, so that the business of the shop has been booming development.

retail customers Zhang Wang’s retail store is located in the city of Huaian’s largest shopping mall across from the era shopping center. Arguably, and such hypermarkets do neighbors, that’s it. In layman’s eyes, maybe this store was dumb, but Zhang boss is the use of large stores of popularity, the shop was of sound and colour, live is flavory. So, what is it absolutely, in order to find out what happened, the reporter came to the store with curiosity boss zhang.

, according to Zhang boss, the store is the implementation of dislocation management, so that no one I have, I have refined. That is, they sell the goods they sell, and the stores do not sell the goods that they can find here. Zhang boss said, due to the large stores and others, often discounted, and if they sell the same goods, the living space will be very small.

implementation of dislocation management, that is, to avoid the adverse consequences of homogenization of competition, so that they can help people flow through the store, to reach the back of a good shade tree purposes. Then, he readily took out a bottle of "blue era" (a local wine), told reporters that the wholesale price of wine to know how much money a bottle? Because of this wine is my home town on the production, wholesale price of 35 yuan a bottle, the reporter can not help but blurt out. How about 30 yuan for you? Zhang boss said with a smile.

this is not fake, right? Reporters are very confused. Absolutely authentic original production, Zhang boss quickly explained that the reason for the cheap, but I went to the results of the packaging brought about. Then, he gave reporters calculations, a packing box manufacturer’s cost price is eight dollars, six bottles of wine is a piece of more than one bottle packing box is three yuan a, padded, five dollars only to the outsourcing, and I here to take advantage of sales and the world wide, and manufacturers make agreement with plastic film directly stripped down, to save the cost, benefit to consumers.

as a consumer, if you buy wine, buy hardcover or paperback? Spend a few dollars a bottle to buy a pile of cardboard, who do this stupid thing. According to Zhang boss introduced the paperback wine is good, Zhang boss also contributed, now he has become the exclusive agent in the area of this simple wine.

then, he also from the back of the warehouse caught a potato fans, asked reporters do not know. Not understanding, but this unusual house on the table. I casually said, potato fans, five dollars a pound on the farm. Zhang boss laughed, this >

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