The postal savings bank of Beijing branch of capital boost real economy Green

has entered the twenty-first Century, the environmental protection industry has been rapid development, people have begun to realize the importance of environmental protection. Today, the bank has also carried out a series of strategic cooperation with environmental protection enterprises, hoping to support the development of the green real economy. Postal Savings Bank of China Beijing branch opened this precedent, and environmental protection enterprises signed a series of cooperation agreements.

in August 31st this year, approved by the State Council, the people’s Bank of China, the Ministry of Finance and other seven ministries jointly issued the guiding opinions on the construction of a green financial system. The "guidance" is proposed to support and encourage green investment and financing a series of incentive measures, including through loans, guarantee mechanism, professional green credit support project financial discount, the establishment of the national green development fund and other measures to support the development of green finance.

under this background, China postal savings bank Beijing branch (hereinafter referred to as the postal savings bank Beijing branch ") signed a cooperation agreement with the environmental protection enterprise, is committed to explore a green financial support for the real economy business on the road of sustainable development. The two sides will be in terms of investment and financing services, financial services, resource sharing and cooperation, help restructuring capital economy to promote the green, environmental protection, new energy, energy saving and other fields of technological progress, accelerate the development of new economic growth points, enhance the growth potential of the economy.

and environmental protection enterprises to carry out strategic cooperation to explore new ways to support green entity

earlier this month, Beijing sail Science Park Incubator Center, outside the gray one. Since entering in November, the northeast, North China, a large range of heavy pollution process, the largest affected area reached 630 thousand and 380 thousand square kilometers.

Financial and investment institutions

16 into entrepreneurial base sail small enterprises, for the enterprise financing needs, provide various services. In the roadshow links, environmental protection enterprises responsible person just started to introduce, attracted a lot of attention.

"nature environmental protection has long been committed to indoor environment purification, physical and Chemical Technology Institute jointly developed by the photocatalyst products with independent intellectual property rights with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, applied to indoor / car air purifier, the building outer wall of self-cleaning, air pollutants PM2.5 and other toxic and harmful gas prevention and control," according to the nature of environmental protection science and technology limited company chairman Feng Zeyun.

environmental protection also attracted the attention of the postal savings bank of Beijing branch. After the roadshow, postal savings bank of Beijing branch Zhu Jianping, vice president of Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and chairman of the board on behalf of the two sides signed a bank enterprise cooperation agreement on behalf of the two sides of the agreement on behalf of the Bank of China on behalf of the Bank of China on behalf of the Bank of China and the United States and the United States and china.

"in the background of national construction of green financial system, believe that the strategic cooperation between banks through the postal savings bank and the nature of environmental protection, to explore the financial support for the real economy, pragmatic and effective business recommend our country build green financial system

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