Businesses should attract attention to credibility

in order to attract customers, and now a lot of businesses hit the ad is very attractive, but the service can do this, but it is very suspect. According to the "Xinmin Evening News" reported that some time ago, the net V straight "column on the world famous fast food giant McDonald’s, said consumers have several night online meal ordering, but was a McDonald’s restaurant in the same" excuse "to postpone the delivery time, the hungry consumers depressed.


"30 minutes of service" is the classic advertising language of McDonald’s delivery service, but also a commitment to customer service. But now, in the face of consumer complaints, businessmen excuse constantly, so we have to cast doubt on their so-called "credible".

reputation is the life of the business, the business should be as if the line, as the line". McDonald’s example of the entire service industry sounded the alarm.

many times, in order to attract customers, some businesses have played an attractive service slogan, but once the operation will be greatly reduced. Commitment and service and the customer is not only a kind of hurt, it will produce a bad effect, resulting in a crisis of confidence in the chain reaction.

although it is said that the competition is fierce, businesses want to do business, it is necessary to provide some services. However, the author believes that businesses in order to attract attention and play gimmick, make false promises, in fact, is a thing to injure others and ruin oneself. Integrity is the foundation of this, can do business to put up a pageantry publicity can not do is not pompous. What we do is for a long time, cheat customers, they can remember you. With his own petard thing, don’t be silly to do business. Words will do, do. Only you, can make the business bigger and stronger.

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