To be able to readily lock the drawer shop

Now many of the

retail store is a store owner, once busy, in the shop inside ran, weighing money very busy, if the money drawer is not lock up, it is likely to lose money. Shortly before noon, a big uncle to my store to buy meat. Just another customer to buy cigarettes, I easily put one hundred yuan directly into the drawer, and then find a change to buy cigarettes customers. In order to save time, I do not directly close the drawer, he went to the meat counter to uncle flesh.

"girl, I don’t see how you can close the drawer. Didn’t you hear that the supermarket in front of yesterday was stolen? It was because the owner was careless!"

"ah? Did not hear ah, you tell me about."

"well, it’s been reported! 110 when I come in front of, listen to the boss told police he was watching the store daughter-in-law at home, there is a woman sitting in front of the village in playing. There is a young couple riding a motorcycle parked directly in front of the store, but there is no flameout, the man with a helmet, the woman wrapped a scarf, wearing a mask. Into the shop to buy a box of wine. The owner took a box to him, the man suspected box is not good, said to give the owner to take a box. The shopkeeper took the man to the warehouse.

at the same time, the woman wearing a mask with the woman sitting outside said he had a headache, dig 20 yuan to help her to buy medicine. The woman usually good relationship with the owner, plus the clinic is not far away, agreed. Later, the woman wearing a mask to let the man hurry, said he had a terrible headache, not to give gifts today, and so on to buy tomorrow. The man also seems to have no way, with the female left.

Although the business owner

because there is a little unhappy, but because often encountered temporary cancellation of the business, and therefore did not take it personally. Later, came a delivery clerk, the store was mainly found in the drawer to pay more than thirteen thousand yuan in cash was missing. Open a look inside the monitor, clear record of women to wear masks in front of women after a walk, quickly open the drawer, the inside of the whole hundred bills wiped out! The whole process is just 5 seconds!"

listened to the description of the great uncle, I thought, the thief is not too clever means, I have seen this clock in the newspaper. Now think about it, the thief is hateful, but who gave the thief the opportunity to start? Is the owner of carelessness and a bad habit.

now, a lot of shops are a shop, thieves looking for this opportunity to start. Also, some shopkeepers in the business will directly put money in the drawer, leave is not locked. Even more customers, even the drawer is not closed, to tell the truth, I often have this habit. Now it seems that this bad habit

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