Open a small supermarket purchase to pay attention to what the whole

since the business is a small supermarket, the sale of natural is a variety of daily groceries, naturally need to deal with suppliers. After all, for a kind of shop selling goods, do a good job for the purchase of the store business has a very big relationship. In short, small supermarket purchase channels is a very important problem, as well as large supermarket bulk purchase, but small supermarkets also have their own ranch students purchase mode and characteristics, whether it is from the manufacturer or to sell into the purchase directly from large supermarkets, small supermarket goods should be carey considered.

opened a small supermarket purchase channels, general merchandise inventory should not be too much, can go to the wholesale market, there are suppliers, responsible for this kind of small shops, what goods are, each kind of goods sent a box, some even half box to send. But the price is slightly higher. But there are some very good selling goods do not open a small supermarket proposal for special bulk sale of a commodity wholesale business, such as beer, daily necessaries in the Volkswagen brand, master braised beef instant noodles, if Beijing must have a red star Erguotou and goldfish detergent etc..

to open a small supermarket can also go to the supermarket to see, and sometimes there will be some of the above said to sell goods to promote sales activities, will be very low, a large number of acquisitions, anyway, sell out.

to open a small supermarket when looking for a mature, stable, may be expensive, but to ensure that the goods are true, you do not have the ability to distinguish between true and false goods.

can be opened early to engage in some activities, send some cheap things, newspapers, flowers, window, make use of the holiday.

to open a small supermarket to classify the goods to the whole, but not too many brands, many brands of goods for a long time will not be.

note that the daily investment in small, large profits, can be appropriate to do some. Do not do clothing and home appliances (even just small appliances).

think so much, but also want to know what can give me a Baidu message.

I add a little, you can see you open a small supermarket in the area where there is much, if not a lot of demand is not large enough to be able to sell the bulk of the city market. If some good sales volume, the amount can be a little larger. Then you can go directly to the manufacturers purchase, you can also look for agents to purchase, so he put the price down.

business is out of the question. If you want to open a supermarket, it is necessary to look at a lot of geography, consumption, goods, time, slowly preparing for it. I think it’s better to join. Hi, 7-Eleven, Quik, OK, and so on can be. Shop location is not good, they do not give it to join. Small supermarket purchase distribution pipe recommended

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