Grunt ShabuShabu join details

is now a lot of people’s thoughts are relatively new, and now this society as long as you can provide a novel idea there is a chance of success, of course, is the primary idea, ultimately depends on whether or not to accept the audience, can be accepted by people of the project that must be successful, this time with the idea of no relationship. Hot pot is now more popular food and beverage projects, the choice of the future of the brand will be of great help to your future. Xiaobian for you to recommend the hot pot industry Shabu Shabu Shabu Shabu brand. Grunt ShabuShabu brand was founded in 2004, over the years by virtue of its own development and expansion, and the consumer’s attention and love, brand awareness rising, by all ages consumers. At present, many stores have been established in the country to join the chain stores, and is still expanding the development of. For investors who want to start their own businesses easily, it is a good time not to miss a good time to join in the cold pot.

grunt Shabu Shabu pot fee introduction

grunt Shabu Shabu pot cost analysis

joined the city’s first tier cities (to Guangzhou as an example) second tier cities (to Chongqing as an example) three line city (Changzhou) for example, the four line city (Jiujiang, for example)

shop area of 200 square meters with 180 square meters of 160 square meters and 140 square meters

rent costs 50 thousand yuan / month, 30 thousand and 600 yuan / month, 22 thousand and 400 yuan / month, 15 thousand and 400 yuan / month

decoration costs 800 yuan / square meters to 700 yuan / square meters to 600 yuan / square meters to 500 yuan / square meters

equipment cost 200 thousand yuan 180 thousand yuan 160 thousand yuan 140 thousand yuan

raw materials 100 thousand yuan 90 thousand yuan 80 thousand yuan 70 thousand yuan

advertising costs 20 thousand yuan 15 thousand yuan 10 thousand yuan 5000 yuan

opening costs 15 thousand yuan 10 thousand yuan 6000 yuan 3000 yuan

staff wages 3500 yuan / month / person (15) $3000 / month / person (12) $2500 / month / person (9) $1800 / month / person (7)

utilities 2500 yuan / month, 2000 yuan / month, 1800 yuan / month, 1600 yuan / month

liquidity 310 thousand yuan 200 thousand yuan 130 thousand yuan 80 thousand yuan

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