Lovely couples dress ten brands list the whole

many young lovers love to buy some fashionable couples dress, drive the development of the clothing market, start lovely couples dress stores is a business, a good couples dress brand can not be ignored, the whole will introduce ten lovely couples dress brand rankings for everyone, to help business the choice of a good brand.

What are the couple loaded

brand, couple loaded, is a modern term, refers to the couple wearing a pair of clothes, can be the same, can also be a pair, is to express the love of both sides of a pair of clothing lovers. The couple is one of the most popular types of clothing that are popular with couples. Couple clothes with specific occasions, the consistency of both words and deeds, as well as the understanding and recognition of fashion taste. Wearing jeans with the couple, no matter how well coordinated, together to attend a formal occasion, or will feel "run tune". The pursuit of the perfect fashion and proposition in our life, work on any occasion are very suitable, style is the soul of this proposition.

1. Tonlion Tonlion: started in 1995, in order to locate in the young fashion casual wind is renowned in the industry, the domestic well-known fashion fashion brand, Bo Yang Group Co., ltd..

2. Semir Semir: Zhejiang famous trademark, casual wear brand, young fashion popular tide brand, public / leisure / fast / fashion clothing brand operators, Semir Group Co., ltd..


3. N+a domestic share sportswear brand influence, very well-known scale enterprises China leisure clothing industry, Zhongshan new Nadia Garment Co. ltd..

4.PaulFrank big mouth monkey: started in 1995 in the United States, the international famous sports leisure clothing brand, popular fashion fashion brand, Hongkong Shengshi Investment Co., ltd..

The trend of

5. index of Coolmax: a well-known youth creative fashion brands / creative combination of cartoon culture and the trend of cultural and the introduction of fashion brands, Guangzhou city Haoma Garment Co. ltd..

6. romance of the state of the country: the well-known fashion apparel and lovers T-shirt brand, couple loaded with ten brands, with the characteristics of the original personality, favored by the couple clothing brand, Shanghai will really Industrial Co., ltd..

7. Metersbonwe: local casual clothing brand leader, to young people aged 16~25 years for the target consumers, clothing chain retail listed company, Shanghai Metersbonwe garment Limited by Share Ltd.

8.A21: well-known fashion casual wear brand, YISHION group launched the Internet for the brand, >

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