Bus passenger transport market special rectification briefing three

bus passenger market regulation

special report


third phase


bus passenger market rectification leading group office 2008 10 June 23


31 black car seized

according to law

special rectification initial results


Since the

city bus passenger transport market special rectification work, the joint law enforcement team for illegal operators encountered two weeks before the inspection work in resisting law enforcement, use more engaged in illegal activities such as work characteristics of the law enforcement personnel, timely adjust the inspection methods and time, mainly in the morning from 6:30 to 10:00 and 16:00 in the afternoon to 19:00 two hours. Actively coordinating public security traffic checkpoints by way of rooting out the card, train station, unity bridge, Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market as the "black car" gathering point to continue the implementation of centralized rectification. From October 13th to October 19th, the joint law enforcement team confiscated illegal operation of the black car 31 (including Huangzhong County, 4 vehicles, a total of 52 vehicles), bus overcrowding and other illegal operation of vehicles 192 times (total 211 times), effectively curb the passenger transport market of our city illegal operation, special rectification work bear fruit. It is understood that the special rectification work by the bus passenger transport enterprises and the majority of legitimate operators praise.
















this period: the Provincial Communications Department office, the Provincial Transportation Bureau, the office of the municipal office, the municipal government information office, municipal office, the municipal government office information supervision and five provincial;

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