City forestry station to grasp the five word requirement to promote the quality and efficiency of we

City forestry station to excel and center business work organically, to test the chuangxianzhengyou activity results with the effectiveness of the work

  forestry station to excel and center business work organically, to test the chuangxianzhengyou activity results with the effectiveness of the work. In the second survey of wetland resources in the city, the station to grasp the learning, dry, grams, supervisors, real requirements, urged the quality of wetland resources investigation and efficiency.

"learning", to strengthen learning, to learn to do. to strengthen the theoretical study of wetland research, learning as an important means to enhance the level of investigation work. According to the relevant requirements of the wetland survey, the city to the city forestry station, the city of three county forestry investigation team based, set up a team of four investigators. On July 7-9, the provincial forestry investigation and Planning Institute held a wetland survey technical personnel training in Datong County, wetland investigation of specific rules for the operation, outside the industry survey data in the industry factor, the content of the training, in order to improve the work effectiveness and scientificalness fully prepared.

"dry", in-depth work, mining preferred high. the survey time, heavy task, the full use of the mature technology and methods 1:5 000 topographic map in the drawing and GPS positioning combined, the city wetland resources in wetland patches gradually, one by one, one by one to carry out a detailed investigation, which greatly improves the quality and efficiency of investigation.

"grams" to overcome difficulties, and actively respond to. will investigate the wetland resources as a party organization, Party members for outstanding advanced and practical platform in carrying out field investigation of dangerous terrain, long distance, wide area, lack of manpower, heavy task, high technical requirements under the conditions of the station to guide the Party branch Party striving to pioneer, is hard. To overcome all kinds of difficulties and unfavorable factors in the work, and strive to high quality and complete the investigation work.

"supervision", supervision and guidance. the organization in the implementation of the suburban wetland resources survey, but also on the progress and quality of three counties to conduct supervision and inspection. On July 29th -30, the city forestry bureau to organize professional and technical personnel in conjunction with the wetland forest Survey Institute Survey Steering Group of the three county wetland survey work carried out supervision, of all questions were answered, and the integration of technical strength, coordination and mutual assistance, help solve the existing problems and difficulties in the investigation around.

real, focusing on reality, to achieve effectiveness. to further optimize the work method, the scientific division of the survey area, the working procedure, set up supervision mechanism, clear work standards, equipped with a variety of special wetland survey instruments, the implementation of the personnel, goods and vehicles, provide a guarantee for the wetland investigation achieved the best result.

in the investigation of wetland resources, the station members of the task force, technical staff unity and cooperation, all aspects of rigorous and meticulous, and achieved good results. Up to now, the suburbs of Xining, Huangyuan county has basically completed the investigation of the industry, has begun to organize data, the number of;

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