11 working group thorough investigation organ style

in order to further consolidate the city’s "Yong lazy luxury" special rectification activities, strengthen supervision and inspection efforts during the festival period, continuous improvement of work style, strengthen public awareness of service, improve the level of administrative efficiency, optimize the development environment, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection arranged 11 thorough investigation of the working group on the city’s organs and units conducted a thorough investigation in the year.

11 a thorough investigation of the working group on county units, municipal departments, organs and units directly under the municipal, administrative enforcement, administrative examination and approval departments and window units to carry out a thorough investigation. Focus Chajiu late, leave early, off-site, Internet stocks, shopping, playing games, watching movies, chatting, playing chess on Gang problems and to inform the implementation of the system; the investigation focused on the problem rectification buck passing, delay the acceptance, overtime management, shirk responsibility; the key to check whether the official vehicles holidays archive execution system implement. On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2014 11, a thorough investigation of the working group in accordance with their respective areas and tasks carried out thorough investigation. Found that the city’s various organs and units of work discipline is good, basically not late to leave early phenomenon, has been sticking to the post to 6 p.m.. Official car logo clear, to inform the timely update.

from February 7th, 11 a thorough investigation of the working group will continue to conduct a thorough investigation work, in order to improve the work of various departments and units in our city style, strengthen the awareness of serving the people.


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