n order to realize the target of water drawing big economic main canal Huangshui water diversion hu

8 30, located in the south of the Dabanshan cited Da Ji canal Huangshui water diversion hub construction site a busy construction scene.

yindajihuang project is the construction of our province’s first large-scale inter basin water diversion major key water conservancy projects, it is a matter of the future of Qinghai’s economic and social development, improve people’s livelihood, ecological protection in a number of water conservancy project, after completion of the project to the Huangshui River Basin Water Diversion 750 million cubic meters, an additional 66 thousand and 700 hectares of irrigation to our province area, the eastern city of group of about 3000000 people, the main stream of Huangshui River Industrial Park, East hundred miles gallery features of modern agriculture and animal husbandry and ecological construction and provide water for production and life, protect the eastern region urbanization, agricultural modernization, industrialization and ecological civilization construction of water demand.

Whitewater rapids, Zhuolang rolling, affected by the recent continuous precipitation, Datong River flow was increased. We are preparing to complete the closure of 190 meters of the water diversion dam auxiliary dam." Ma Fuyin water diversion canal construction site inspection work is deputy head of the working group said: "we also completed 3 kilometers of the main canal diversion tunnel consolidation grouting, the recent 20000 meters drilling drainage pipe installation, demolition work of Feng Shui power, the task is very heavy."

in August 14th due to heavy rainfall, water diversion canal construction entrance severely affected, in order not to affect the construction period, construction of the parties has formulated measures. "The key to affect the progress of the project in the tunnel grouting, there are now two construction platform, four working face in tunnel, we recently set third platform, the realization of the six working face, the construction schedule will be two times higher than a working face, and strive to achieve the goal through the end of October!" Ma Fuyin said firmly.

site command machinery construction Yan Lisheng said: "we put 5 excavators and 9 dump trucks, started at six in the morning, eight pm the day, continue to accelerate the construction progress, the early realization of the water target, for the benefit of Huangshui River basin!"


Chung Chui revitalisation, a golden drunk. Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County town of Tal autumn fields, a leaden channel of ups and downs in the rolling hillsides, builders sweating in the hot sun, show a picture to promote the Huangshui north trunk canal construction scene branch.

the north trunk canal of a project is an important part of Huangshui. Up to now a total length of 116.42 kilometers and two dry canal project has been fully completed, since last year the 16 branch, 4 canals, along the field storage project and other supporting projects have started construction, after completion of the project can make the three District Chase, mutual aid, Ledu (county) 20 thousand hectares of farmland irrigation effectively.

the north trunk canal of No. 3, No. 4 branch project manager Ma Chengkun is organizing workers renovated channels. This bid was originally scheduled for 4 years, and now strive to be completed by the end of 2017! Time is very tight, we organized 14 construction teams, put into 20 construction machinery, more than and 260 people, the project started all over the country, more flowering;

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