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Two months without the Bernabéu

first_imgNostalgia was this, at least for Real Madrid: two months without a game at the Santiago Bernabéu. On March 1, no one knew then, the stadium was opened to football for the last time. The farewell now seems to have been on purpose, as intended to leave a perfect memory: Real Madrid 2-0 Barcelona, ​​scoring in favor, 73-72 in the history of the Classics and a leadership that, however, those of Zidane were left the following Sunday in the Villamarín.But before the forced closure there was a double shout at the Bernabéu, the first expected and the second surprising. Vinicius, so often unbalanced, finally found the prize of the goal, a 1-0 with the collaboration of Piqué and celebration to the Christian. It was followed by a Mariano recurrently ignored by Zidane, who shone after three minutes: He had barely stepped on the field and was already celebrating his sentence.JESÚS ÁLVAREZ ORIHUELA & nbsp; (Diario AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Vinicius celebrates his goal against Barcelona in the Classic in the Christian style.JESÚS ÁLVAREZ ORIHUELA (Diario AS) Two months later, any time past seems better. Today there is no health and, therefore, neither football. For when you can recover one and the other, Among the many changes that there will surely be that of Alfredo di Stéfano for the Santiago Bernabéu. In the pause for the coronavirus the works have picked up speed and the intention of the club is not to take his foot off the gas. The deadlines have been shortened and, since there will be no open-door football, at the earliest, until 2021, Madrid’s desire is to transfer their home games to Valdebebas. Would, of the resumption at the end of the season, six of the League and the unknown of the Champions, where Zidane’s men should go back to Manchester City to act as hosts in Europe. Irene Lozano (CSD) has expressed that there will be no fans in the stadiums until they find the vaccine or effective treatments against the virus, reason why the Bernabéu could surpass the year without soccer for the first time.The facilities are magnificent and, although it would be necessary to adapt to the demands of LaLiga and UEFA, which have given the green light to the provisional move, they want to take advantage of this new and difficult normality. The fans, looking for something positive in the pandemic, will have their brand new Bernabéu in advance.last_img read more

With a Special Focus on the Legislature:

first_imgThe Association of Disabled Females International (ADFI) in Liberia has sued (called on someone formally for something) the government—with emphasis on the National Legislature—to ensure that a bill in support of their welfare is removed from the back-burner—where it obviously has picked up some moss—and pass it into law.    The bill, according to the ‘disabled’ women, has been lying in a committee room at the National Legislature, ever since it was submitted, early last year. The bill was sponsored by a Maryland County Representative, Isaac B. Roland and Montserrado County lawmaker Muna Pelham Youngblood.It raised issues relative to war reparations (reimbursement, compensation) and the establishment of a War Victims’ Trust Fund for disabled females in the country. The ADFI already operates in the country, in collaboration with war-survivors; it also seeks reparations (war-damages) for other kinds of war victims.The renewed appeal to members of the 53rd National Legislature, to fast-track the passage of the bill seeking to establish a War Victims’ Trust Fund at the national level was made by Ms. Meimai Hoff, ADFI executive director of ADFi. According to Ms. Hoff, when the bill is passed, government would be obliged to offer some compensation to war victims across the country—something, she says is done in international circle.Demands for reimbursement came in vogue (fashionable, a trend) after Germany lost World War I, and the victors, including the UK, France, and Russia—later joined by the US, Italy and Japan, (the Allies), defeated the Central Powers, including Germany Austria and Hungary. The allies they demanded reimbursement for the loss and damage they sustained from the war.The cost to Germany—the main instigator of the war—was 22 billion pounds that took Germany 92 years to deliver. Final repayment ended on October 3, 2010.  “Since 2005, we have had a stable government with good governance, headed by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf,” Ms Hoff continued.Against that backdrop, Liberian war-victims are hopeful that something will be done to give them a leg up as they try to rebuild their lives.This is why we are appealing to our lawmakers to revisit the bill, flung into the committee room so long ago,” the head of disabled females lamented.Ms. Hoff went on to remind President Sirleaf to reinforce her commitment to urge ministries and agencies to employ people with disabilities.    The female leader of the ADFI made these recent appeals during an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer. The interview took place at the close of a program that marked the end of a day-long workshop, at which the disabled community was targeted for public education, in preparation for the pending October (2014) special election. The first in the series of such exercises, the workshop was facilitated by the National Elections Commission (NEC) and hosted at the ADFI Headquarters in Slipway, Central Monrovia. ADFI executive director Hoff told this paper that the essence of the workshop was to educate members of the disabled community about procedures toward exercising their rights at polling centers when, election time comes around.  Over 61 disabled participants from various communities and townships in Monrovia and environs attended the ‘educative program,’ with the intent of sharpening their awareness on ‘how to proceed (go on) to the ballot box,’ come election season.“We want the disabled, especially the females with various forms of disabilities, to be informed about how to participate in the upcoming election,” Ms. Hoff explained. According to the social worker, the exercise was also intended to reawaken the disabled and get them involved in doing the right thing, when it comes to voting. She reiterated that people with disabilities need a disable-friendly environment to go about exercising their inalienable (undeniable) rights in keeping with the Constitution of Liberia. Ms Hoff observed, however, that during the conduct of the 2005 and 2011 general and presidential elections, most of the polling centers and precincts were not disable-friendly enough to allow people with disabilities to cast their votes. “This time around,” she continued, “the ADFI has decided to begin taking some corrective measures to enable the disabled participate in the electoral process, without any constraints.  She added that there are more disabled female non-voters, compared to their male counterparts; therefore, there was a need to identify disabled females and train them to ensure their involvement, beginning with the approaching October exercise. (With an assist from Keith Neville A. Best)Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Minor Cautions against Cynical Attitude

first_imgLiberia’s 168th Independence Day orator, Ambassador Charles A. Minor, has taken exception to Liberians who are excessive in their criticisms against and distrust for each other and the government.Ambassador Minor made the observation yesterday in Greenville, Sinoe County when he delivered the Independence oration on this year’s theme, “Celebrating our Community as a Strong Foundation for Accelerated Development,” Inspiring Hope for the People of our Country. Minor, who is an eminent son of Sinoe County, currently serves on the Liberia Board of Tax Appeals. Prior to this he served as Liberia’s Ambassador to the United States of America. His father, popularly known as Boakai Manneh, was a senior citizen of Sinoe and for many years he served as the county’s Representative in the National Legislature.“It is fast becoming a trend (craze, fad) and the popular thing to be not just critical of each other, but even sarcastic to the point of expressing caustic remarks against our leaders in government, in civil society and in the private sector,” observed Ambassador Minor.The perception is that no one can be trusted. No official is honest, and the PhD no longer represents a terminal academic degree, but means “pull him down” mentality.“I have known Liberians to criticize and oppose every government since the time of President Tubman. And when given the opportunity to lead and govern, those who were most vocal in their criticism and opposition, demonstrated no better skills, no greater attitudes or any higher level of honesty than those they criticized,” declared Ambassador Minor.He said as Liberians today enjoy their freedom of speech and expression “we need to also demonstrate a sense of responsibility and not engage in malicious rumors that bring injury to individuals, families and institutions,” Ambassador Minor said, perhaps in a veiled reference to his own experience with some media practitioners who have repeatedly linked him with alleged fraud during his assignment as Liberian Ambassador to Washington.“The promulgation of half-truths, misinformation and disinformation that cast aspersion on people and divides our community does not demonstrate personal or social responsibility,” chided Ambassador Minor. According to the Ambassador, around towns and around the country, Liberians are becoming pessimistic, critical of each other, not trusting each other, and especially vocally expressing lack of trust in their elected and appointed officials. Admittedly, some criticisms are justified, he noted, adding, “We must also admit that criticisms are important in our growing democracy because it can sometimes warn us of worst things to come.”“Even when we consider some criticisms to be negative, unproductive and divisive, they ensure that those who govern, those who are given responsibilities to lead and manage people and resources do so with care, diligence, accountability and trust.”He said accepting criticisms goes with the responsibility of leadership. Criticism reminds us of our fiduciary (legal or ethical) responsibility to be accountable.Another negative attitude among many Liberians, he observed, is that which is characterized by “I win and you lose”. According to the orator, in the job market, for example, one finds this syndrome well played out since many individuals desperately search for jobs, but their intention is not to carry out the functions of the job. They mainly seek means to obtain money. As soon as they can, they begin to make “profits” on the job. “‘Profit’ is another definition of what is illegally or fraudulently taken from their employers or the entities. They say to themselves, ‘What is mine is mine and what is yours, I should take away from you, even from our national coffers, and make it exclusively mine!’ And that goes across our society, in the upper, middle, and lower classes. In some circles, that is referred to as ‘chopping’, a term used both as subject and predicate,” said the orator.Such “chopping” more often than not is obtained fraudulently.” Ambassador Minor warned that this attitude of extra “chopping,” is becoming a measure of how good a job is. Paymasters “chop” something from the employees they pay. Service providers expect fat extra tips that exceed their daily wages or even their salaries, he said.Some employees are leaving their jobs if those jobs provide no opportunity for “chopping!” Civil servants expect lunch money to enable them to render the service they are paid to do. Even some agencies of government are now making provision for “facilitation” fees in their budgets and expenditure accounting to ensure they can pay whoever needs to be paid off in order for the entities to accomplish their missions. “Those attitudes and practices cannot be parts of the foundation blocks for accelerated development in our society,” Minor warned.He then wondered why graft has become so rampant. He said the natural tendency is to pass the blame, to accuse others of being responsible. “Too often we hear that it is the government to blame. It is the government that is responsible. It is the government that has failed us.” Some contend that our forefathers and mothers have passed on to us such legacies. Some have even blamed our partners, especially Western countries and now also China and their nationals who have and continue to exploit us.”“My fellow Liberians and friends, it is very simple and extremely easy to pass the blame, to point the finger. And now, in our new dispensation of extremely free press and particularly with the increasing number of instantaneous radio talk shows with growing callers’ participation, there is no shortage of criticisms and accusations by people who themselves participate in this unwholesome pre-occupation,” charged Minor.“Today, on this our Independence Anniversary, as we ‘Celebrate our Community …’ all that we are; even the years the locusts have eaten, let us profit from the errors of the past to build a better foundation for a more positive tomorrow,” urged Minor. Ambassador Minor envisaged (imagined) a tomorrow when Liberians will have substantially reduced poverty, when we can eat tomatoes, cabbages, peppers and other vegetables grown in our back yards and in nearby gardens. He also visualized a tomorrow when many in the public sector will realize that it is not in that sector that wealth is created so that those genuinely interested in creating wealth can give up their white collar jobs and return to the land to produce our staple rice and other food crops to reduce our dependence on imports, ensure a greater level of food self-sufficiency and earn a higher standard of living for their labor. “We are today laying the foundation for a tomorrow when Liberians will work together more effectively and compete seriously with foreign contractors to build our own roads, even to the extent of making them toll roads, thereby reducing the continuous increasing burdens on government, which we all know will never be in the position to meet all the expectations of all our people.” Although Ambassador Minor took into consideration many positive things the country has achieved in its 168 years of existence, he challenged Liberians to also admit and recognize that too many of the citizens have allowed the candle of vibrancy and vitality, the hope for a better future that enthusiastically glowed in early 2006 when we ushered in the new administration, to grow dim.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Govt refuses to recognise its illegality post March 21

first_imgThe A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Administration is refusing to accept that it will become illegal today after it failed to follow the process as stipulated by the Constitution of Guyana in instances where a no-confidence motion is passed against the Government.The refusal to accept this was posited by both Minister of State Joseph Harmon and Natural Resources Minister Raphael Trotman, who were asked separately on Wednesday about the status quo of Government after today. Both Ministers claimed that Government will continue business as usual until a new Government is elected.Harmon told Guyana Times that there is no contemplation of a vacuum after midnight tonight. “Well I think we have made that very clear that the President (David Granger) remains the President until such time that there are new elections held and that the Government remains in office until such time that new elections are held…there is no contemplation of a vacuum and as a colleague of mine said that the President and the Ministers maintain the full panoply of responsibilities and power until such time that there are new elections,” Harmon said.According to Harmon, persons have been trying to make a distinction that the Ministers will no longer have powers following this timeframe. He however argued that the Ministries cannot be left without a head; as such, an elections process will be necessary to elect new leaders.Meanwhile, Natural Resources Minister Raphael Trotman shared similar sentiments when asked on Wednesday on the sidelines of a prize giving ceremony. Trotman said there is no such thing as a constitutional vacuum.“In law, there is no such thing as a constitutional vacuum in Government or governance, we have entered into an area that none of us would’ve contemplated… I think all of us have a duty to ensure that we give effect to what is there and at the same time, we don’t slip over the edge and become an ungoverned state, so I would expect that the court would give its ruling very soon and that is even more urgent I think than any other thing nationally so that we can all be guided on the way forward,” Trotman told this publication.However, Article 106 (6) of the Constitution states: “The Cabinet including the President shall resign if the Government is defeated by the vote of a majority of all the elected members of the National Assembly on a vote of confidence.”Meanwhile, 106 (7) goes on to state that, “Notwithstanding its defeat, the Government shall remain in office and shall hold an election within three months, or such longer period as the National Assembly shall by resolution supported by not less than two-thirds of the votes of all the elected members of the National Assembly determine, and shall resign after the President takes the oath of office following the election.”However the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) has said that it is only capable of conducting elections until November 2019.Cannot lawfully existSenior Counsel Ralph Ramkarran, a former Speaker of the National Assembly, had posited that the Government cannot lawfully exist after March 21, 2019.He said if that is the case, then anything that it might do will be illegal.He had contended that it cannot convene the National Assembly. Even if it does, anything that the National Assembly may enact will be unlawful.He recently highlighted in his writings that the President’s failure to fix a date for elections is because the Government intends to remain in office for as long as possible.He said this move is being supported by the majority of GECOM who have voted in support of a new registration exercise. Ramkarran argued that the Government’s functions must be limited to the implementation of existing decisions as no new ones can be made by Cabinet.Although the acting Chief Justice (CJ) Roxane George, SC, ruled on January 31 that the No-confidence Motion was validly passed 33-32 in the National Assembly and the Cabinet has to resign in keeping with constitutional provisions of Article 106 and 106 (7) respectively, the Government has refused to accept its fall and has filed for an appeal into the matter. Justice George had also ruled that Government will remain in office until the next President is sworn in but not the Cabinet which advises the President. The Court of Appeal will rule on the matter on Friday.last_img read more

Chelsea XI v Stoke City – academy graduate to start after agreeing £60k deal?

first_imgChelsea take on Stoke City in the Premier League on Saturday afternoon, kick off 15:00 GMT.The Blues have won their last three domestic outings, closing the gap on fourth-placed Manchester City to just eight points.Nonetheless, their opponents are too enjoying an impressive run of form, having bounced back from their 3-0 defeat to Everton at the beginning of February, and firmly remain in contention for a European spot.FIVE REASONS CHELSEA WILL FINISH IN THE TOP FOURSo, who could Guus Hiddink call upon to extend their winning streak against Mark Hughes’ side?Could Ruben Loftus-Cheek, after signing a new five-year contract at the beginning of the week reportedly worth £60,000 per-week, be awarded a rare start?Take a look at talkSPORT’s predicted Chelsea line up v Stoke by clicking the yellow arrow above, right. 10. Eden Hazard (left wing) 13. Thibaut Courtois (goalkeeper) 11 11 11 24. Gary Cahill (centre back) 22. Willian (right wing) 11 11 11 11 28. Cesar Azpilicueta (right back) 4. Cesc Fabregas (centre midfield) 2. Branislav Ivanovic (right back) – see the full line up, in squad number order, by clicking the arrow above 11 8. Oscar (attacking midfield) 6. Abdul Baba Rahman (left back) 11 11 11 19. Diego Costa (striker) 36. Ruben Loftus-Cheek (centre midfield)last_img read more

‘Not many managers enhance their reputation and still get relegated’

first_imgHull City will have a battle on their hands to secure Marco Silva’s services for next season, former defender Sam Ricketts has warned.The Tigers were relegated to the Championship on Sunday after a 4-0 thrashing at Crystal Palace, after just one season in the Premier League.City have had a lot to deal with both on and off the field this term and were barely given a chance in their bid to beat the drop.Silva was brought in as manager in January and a number of positive results at the KC Stadium helped give them a fighting chance of survival.“Their home form wasn’t good enough until Marco Silva came in,” Ricketts told the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast.“For some reason, he managed to get them playing so well [at home], it is well documented as a person he had gone [three years] unbeaten at home.“He brought that to Hull which is huge for a club struggling, everyone had written them off when he arrived.“I don’t think there will be too many managers who have been able to enhance their reputation as much as he has and still get relegated. He has done a fantastic job to get them this close to staying up.”The Portuguese boss, 39, is out of contract in the summer and he refused to commit his future to the club, with recent reports linking him to Watford.Ricketts, who spent three years at the East Yorkshire club, said: “I look at it a little bit like Rafa Benitez at Newcastle last year, they obviously sat him down and guaranteed him whatever he wanted.“I don’t see that with Hull, Marco Silva’s reputation is that good now I think bigger sides will come in for him straight away.“I don’t know if Hull and the owners, who have been trying to sell the club, really want to invest the money which Marco Silva will probably demand to ensure the club are fighting at the top end, to improve and come back again.”READ MORE: Marco Silva refuses to commit future to Hull following relegation from the Premier Leaguelast_img read more

Has Joey Barton identified a problem with Liverpool fans?

first_img 1 Liverpool worked their socks off to beat PSG at Anfield Joey Barton has hailed Liverpool fans for inspiring their team with their fantastic support in the Champions League, but claimed they fail to provide the same backing in Premier League games.It was another memorable European night at Anfield on Tuesday as the Reds beat Paris Saint-Germain 3-2, continuing their perfect start to the season.The Anfield faithful were in fine voice throughout the clash, but Barton says Anfield is a different place for league games.However, he believes that could change this season if Jurgen Klopp’s side maintain their amazing form.center_img “The problem for Liverpool is the fans don’t get up for the league games in the same way as they do in the Champions League,” the Fleetwood Town manager said on Thursday’s Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast.“Anfield has always had those special nights in Europe. The atmosphere with the flags and the flairs is amazing.“That’s why I think Liverpool have been better in Europe as opposed to the Premier League.“They haven’t won a league title for 28 years now, and the reason why I think they got to the Champions League final last season was a lot down to the energy the fans gave the players.“But, maybe it will be different this season.”Listen back to Joey Barton on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast abovelast_img read more


first_imgMUSSEL WASTE: A DONEGAL County Council-owned treatment plant in Kilmacrennan has been described as a “significant cause” of the decline of the rare and endangered freshwater pearl mussel population in the river Leannan. A report by the Environmental Protection Agency says an immediate upgrade of the Kilmacrennan wastewater plant is required as it is considered a significant cause of mussel decline in the lower reaches of the Leannan.NOT NEWS: Letterkenny councillor Ciaran Brogan says figures showing a company he is a director of received €10M worth of contracts over 10 years from the local council isn’t new. He said: “It’s well known throughout the county that I’m a director of that company and all my interests have always been declared. As such the release of these figures is not new and not news,LAST POST: A newspaper in Britain which kept ex-pats up to speed with events back in Co Donegal has closed. The Irish Post had been founded more than 40 years ago. SOMETHING FISHY: The Donegal Town Waterbus is pulling in the tourists thanks to a pod of 100 dolphins in Donegal Bay, as reported by us last week. Visitors normally go along to seal the bay’s fantastic seal population.GO MOYA: Tickets to see Clannad’s Moya Brennan in concert in Milwaulkee this weekend have sold out. The Gaoth Dobhair singer is one of the main attractions of an Irish festival there.DONEGAL NEWS IN BRIEF…DONEGAL NEWS IN BRIEF was last modified: August 20th, 2011 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

San Diego congressman resigns after admitting to bribery

first_imgSAN DIEGO (AP) – Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham resigned Monday after admitting he took $2.4 million as part of guilty pleas in a case that grew from an investigation into the sale of his home to a wide-ranging conspiracy involving payments in cash, vacations and antiques. The Republican congressman wiped away tears as he announced his resignation outside federal court. “I can’t undo what I have done but I can atone,” he said. Authorities said Cunningham steered defense contracts worth tens of millions of dollars to the people who bribed him. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREBlues bury Kings early with four first-period goals Cunningham, 63, entered pleas in U.S. District Court to charges of conspiracy to commit bribery, mail fraud and wire fraud, and tax evasion for underreporting his income in 2004. Cunningham, an eight-term congressman, answered “yes, Your Honor” when asked by U.S. District Judge Larry Burns if he had accepted bribes from someone in exchange for his performance of official duties. “He did the worst thing an elected official can do – he enriched himself through his position and violated the trust of those who put him there,” U.S. Attorney Carol Lam said in a prepared statement. After the hearing, Cunningham was taken away for fingerprinting. He will be released on his own recognizance until a Feb. 27 sentencing hearing. He could receive a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. House Ethics rules say that any lawmaker convicted of a felony no longer should vote or participate in committee work. Under Republican caucus rules, Cunningham also would lose his chairmanship of the House Intelligence subcommittee on terrorism and human intelligence. Cunningham had already said he would not run for re-election in 2006 but it was not immediately clear whether he would resign. He planned to address reporters at a press conference later in the morning. His chief of staff said she didn’t know his plans and his attorney didn’t immediately return a call for comment. Cunningham agreed to forfeit to the government his Rancho Santa Fe home, more than $1.8 million in cash and antiques and rugs. Prosecutors said Cunningham admitted to receiving at least $2.4 million in bribes paid to him by several conspirators through a variety of methods, including checks totaling over $1 million, cash, rugs, antiques, furniture, yacht club fees and vacations. Prosecutors would not name the conspirators. Daniel Dzwilewski, the FBI’s special agent in charge in San Diego, called the violations “staggering” for a serving U.S. congressman. The case began when authorities started investigating whether Cunningham and his wife, Nancy, used the proceeds from the $1,675,000 sale to defense contractor Mitchell Wade to buy a $2.55 million mansion in ritzy Rancho Santa Fe. Wade put the Del Mar house back on the market and sold it after nearly a year for $975,000 – a loss of $700,000. Cunningham is a former Vietnam War flying ace known on Capitol Hill for his interest in defense issues and his occasional temperamental outbursts He drew little notice outside his San Diego-area district before the San Diego Union-Tribune reported last June that he’d sold the home to Wade. The house sale was just one in a series of too-friendly deals for Cunningham. Though he denied wrongdoing when he announced in July that he wouldn’t seek re-election, Cunningham himself acknowledged it didn’t look good. Cunningham’s pleas came amid a series of Republican scandals. Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Texas, had to step down as majority leader after a Texas prosecutor indicted him in a campaign finance case; a stock sale by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., is being looked at by regulators; and Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff was indicted in the CIA leak case. In addition to buying Cunningham’s home at an inflated price, Wade let him live rent-free on his yacht, the Duke Stir, at the Capital Yacht Club. His firm, MZM Inc., donated generously to Cunningham’s campaigns. Prosecutors did not specify if those allegations were part of Cunningham’s guilty pleas. Around the same time, MZM was winning valuable defense contracts, and Cunningham sits on the House Appropriations subcommittee that controls defense dollars. In 2004 the little-known company based in Washington, D.C., tripled its revenue and nearly quadrupled its staff, according to information posted on the company Web site before Wade stepped down as president and the company was sold to a private equity firm. An associate of Wade, Brent Wilkes, president of a Poway company called ADCS Inc., also gave Cunningham campaign cash and favors. Wilkes reportedly flew Cunningham in a corporate jet to go hunting in Idaho and golfing in Hawaii, and a charitable foundation Wilkes started spent $36,000 hosting a black tie “Tribute to Heroes” gala in 2002 that feted Cunningham with a trophy naming him a hero. ADCS, which specializes into turning paper records into digital files, has received tens of millions in Defense Department contracts since the late 1990s. In some years, lawmakers on Cunningham’s spending panel added the money themselves, even scolding the Pentagon for not requesting it in the first place. Unlike Wade and Wilkes, the third man federal investigators focused on, Thomas Kontogiannis, apparently wasn’t in the defense business. Like them he had a mutually beneficial relationship with Cunningham. Cunningham wrote to prosecutors in 2000 on behalf of Kontogiannis, a New York developer then under investigation in a bribery and kickback scheme involving school computer contracts. Two years later, Cunningham made $400,000 selling his 65-foot flat-bottom riverboat to Kontogiannis. Also, a company run by Kontogiannis’ nephew and daughter helped Cunningham finance a condominium in Alexandria, Va., and his house in Rancho Santa Fe. Kontogiannis ultimately pleaded guilty to fraud charges. He told the San Diego Union-Tribune that Cunningham gave him advice on attorneys to contact to explore getting a presidential pardon.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Donegal Death Notices – Rest in Peace

first_imgDonegal death notices for today, Saturday, August 26. Bernard (Barney) CRAWLEYThe death has occurred in the Donegal Hospice of Bernard (Barney) Crawley, Saltpans, Dungloe. Reposing at his late residence from 12 noon tomorrow, Saturday. Rosary both nights at 9pm. Funeral Mass on Monday at 11am in St. Crona’s Church, Dungloe with burial afterwards in the Cross, Killygordon. Family time from 11pm until 10am. House private on the morning of the funeral. Family flowers only. Donations in lieu, if desired, to the Donegal Hospice, c/o any family member or Shaun Mc Glynn Funeral Director, Dungloe. Elizabeth SMYTH (née O’Donnell)The death has occurred of Elizabeth Smyth (née O’Donnell), Derrydruel, Dungloe, Donegal, at in Aras Gweedore.Formerly from Canada. Reposing at McGlynn’s Funeral Home, Chapel Road, Dungloe tomorrow, Sunday 27th August, from 5pm with rosary at 8pm. Funeral Mass on Monday, 28th August, at 1pm in St Patrick’s Church, Meenacross. Interment afterwards in Dungloe Cemetery.  Michael MCGLINCHEYThe death has occurred of Michael McGlinchey, 7A Beechwood Avenue, Letterkenny, Donegal.Michael’s remains will be reposing at his late residence from 11am tomorrow, Sunday, 27th August. Funeral Mass on Tuesday, 29th August, at 2pm in St Eunan’s Cathedral, Letterkenny. Interment afterwards in Conwal Cemetery. Enquiries to Con McDaid Funeral Director, Letterkenny. Ava Maria FEHILLY HARRINGTONThe death has occurred of Ava Maria Fehilly Harrington, 1 Lurganboy, Donegal Town peacefully at home. Remains reposing at her residence from 1pm today (Saturday).Funeral Mass on Monday at 11am in St Patrick’s Church Donegal Town with burial immediately afterwards in Clar cemetery. House private at all times please. Family flowers only donations if so desired to Crumlin Children’s Hospital. Paddy CULLENThe death has occurred of Paddy Cullen, Tirlaughan, Carrigart, Donegal.Reposing at his late residence until removal on Sunday, August 27, to The Church of St John the Baptist, for Requiem Mass at 11.30am, followed by interment in the adjoining cemetery.Donegal Death Notices – Rest in Peace was last modified: August 26th, 2017 by Elaine McCalligShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:obituarieslast_img read more