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Vranjes has seen Elahmar – Egyptian star to SG Flensburg

← Previous Story Slavko Goluza resigns! Next Story → BCL continues in Viljandi, Riga and Dobele SG Flensburg will reinforce the squad before the second part of the season with one spectacular player from Egypt. A 30 years-old right back Ahmed Elahmar is coming from Qatari best team El Jaish as replacement for injured Holger Glandorf until the end of the season. It was pretty obvious that Flensburg’s coach Ljubomir Vranjes will try to find quality left-handed player for the rest of the season in which reigning EHF CL champions have high expectations.Destiny or not, Vranjes was a special analyst of Swedish TV network during the matches of the 24th Men’s World Handball Championship in Qatar. He had opportunity to see an outstanding performance of Elahmar in the match Sweden – Egypt, what was probably the first step in the process of negotiations which brought one of the best non-European players, finally, to the European stage.“I am satisfied that with Ahmed Elahmar we found another option on right back position, which can help the team. Ahmed’s style will match to our team’s play, but also he brings a lot of experience”, said Vranjes. read more

11 Of The Best TV Series Created by Women

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target 11 X-Ladies You Need on Your Mutant Team10 Female Fighters Who Should Be In The Switch Super Smash Bros. center_img It’s Women’s History Month, and we’re celebrating the accomplishments of women in the fields we all love to geek out over. Today, that’s television. There are a ton of great TV shows created by women out there, and they all deserve space in your streaming schedule. Women have put some of the best comedy, drama and sci-fi on the small screen, and it’s time they got some recognition. This list isn’t in any particular order because pitting these shows against each other like that just feels wrong during Women’s History Month. Just trust us: No matter where a series falls on this list, you owe it to yourself to watch.SupergirlCo-created by Ali Adler, Supergirl is one of the most fun, upbeat and unashamedly comic booky DC superhero shows on the CW. It got off to a rocky start on CBS, but as the first season went on, it started to show its hand. When it moved to the CW for season two and now three, it’s not even trying to hide what it is. This is a show where Supergirl fights alongside Martian Manhunter. That fully embraces the more out-there sci-fi elements of Supergirl’s, and her more famous cousin’s, backstory. It’s a show that focuses on friendship between women in an honest and refreshing way that you don’t see on TV that often. Also, it’s lead, Melissa Benoist is so commanding and charming in the role that even when Superman shows up to visit, she’s still the star. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Monday night.Crazy Ex-GirlfriendI maintain it’s impossible not to fall in love with Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna’s musical series, and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise. It follows a woman who moves from New York City to West Covina, California in pursuit of her teenage crush, Josh. The show is hilarious, and full of awe-inspiring musical numbers that will be stuck in your head all day. It’s not pure comedy, though. The brilliance of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is its realistic, sensitive portrayal of mental illness and treatment. Bloom doesn’t shy away from the topic, and turns this silly, raunchy musical into an emotionally affecting series that gives the world some much-needed positivity. Also, I haven’t been able to stop humming “First Penis I Saw” since December.30 RockTina Fey’s comedy about the inner workings of a big television network and a weekly sketch comedy show that totally isn’t Saturday Night Live has been over for a few years. To this day, hardly a week goes by without some kind of reminder of how great this show was. A joke, a gif, a really good sandwich, this show was so good it had something for every situation. Liz Lemon was an eminently relatable character that we simultaneously wanted to be and wanted never to be. Tracy Jordan was hilarious and unpredictable with a hidden layer of insight and maturity. Jack Donaghy was a soulless corporate executive, but he has a visible soft side and genuinely wants Liz to succeed. Every character, even the ones that appeared like caricatures at first turned out to be fully developed, thought-out people. Maybe it’s time for another rewatch.The Mindy ProjectMindy Kaling is hilarious, and we knew that even before this show premiered. This just gave her a great showcase of her comedic talent and range. It attacked the romantic comedy genre from every conceivable angle. It gave us a character so real and charming we were hooked on her adventures instantly. Even when it focused more on the romance, it could still catch audiences off guard, reducing them to fits of laughter. When it was cancelled and picked up by Hulu, it not only maintained its quality, it delivered some of the best episodes of the entire run.Broad CityThere are a ton of TV shows set in New York City, but none of them capture the feeling of living here quite like Broad City does. Spun off from a web series created by Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer after they met at Upright Citizen’s Brigade, it follows two young women living their lives as best friends. The show has them do surprisingly normal, mundane things. They take the subway, hang out in the park, go to brunch, sell clothes to a snobby upscale vintage shop for extra cash. Every one of those mundane activities spirals out into a hilarious, bonkers adventure. Every episode feels so easy and natural, but at the same time, you can see the hard work, artistry and risky experimentation that goes into each one. No matter how weird, gross or outlandish the stories get, they remain very real. Who hasn’t dealt with a Bevers at some point in their life?The Marvelous Mrs. MaiselThere was no way this list wasn’t going to have an Amy Sherman-Palladino project on here at some point. Full disclosure: I did do some background work on the first season of this show. Believe me, it was not the kind of experience that would instill any bias or favorability towards it. If anything, I almost didn’t watch because of it. That would have been a mistake. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is fantastic. It’s hilarious, it’s touching and it’s set in an era perfectly suited where Sherman-Palladino’s signature fast-talking style. The script is a perfect example of how you write a character that’s naturally funny. The jokes never feel like they’re trying too hard. They’re never obviously jokey except during the stand-up segments. You get the sense that you’re watching a genuinely funny person navigate the ’60s Greenwich Village comedy scene.ScandalYou want to know how good Shonda Rhimes is? She once got a whole night of television to herself. She takes everything that makes soap operas so addictive, gives them a prime-time budget (and the pacing of a weekly series), and lets them loose. Grey’s Anatomy may have longevity going for it, but no show is as thrilling as Scandal. Remember in season one, when this show was about a Washington D.C. fixer having an affair with the President of the United States? How wild is it that that storyline seems so small now? In the year’s since we’ve had multiple fixed elections, assassination attempts, a secret black ops military program, torture and a father vs. daughter struggle to be the actual most powerful person in the world. This show went places. You definitely need an Olivia Pope-sized glass of wine to process all of it.Sense8Our love for Lana and Lilly Wachowski, particularly their masterpiece Speed Racer, here at Geek is well established. Fans of the sibling duo know that in addition to ambitious, beautiful movies, they also put together one amazing piece of sci-fi television for Netflix. The first season Sense8 came out around the same time as the widely-panned (but still must-see) Jupiter Ascending, and was met with the opposite reaction. Not limited to a couple of hours, The Wachowskis had the room build the sci-fi story they wanted to tell. They were able to write long character arcs, focusing on people who don’t often get to see themselves in sci-fi. The best science fiction uses its outlandish story elements to talk about important issues of the day, and Sense8 does that so well. More and better than any other sci-fi show, it embraces issues of sexuality, gender identity, and politics. And since it’s the Wachowskis, it all pairs very nicely with gorgeous visuals and intense, stylish action. Sadly, Netflix canceled it before it could get a proper third season, but due to fan demand, a two-hour finale will release later this year.InsecureBased partially on her Awkward Black Girl web series, Issa Rae co-created Insecure with comedian Larry Wilmore. Insecure finds comedy in the awkward experiences that come with being a young black woman in the 2010s. Rae isn’t trying to appeal to “everyone,” and certainly not white dudes like me. This is a show that is written uncompromisingly for black women, and largely by black women. Are there elements and complexities that fly over my head? Absolutely. But the show has an honesty and heart that can’t be missed. It features characters you recognize, situations that feel pulled from real life, leading to the kind of laughter that brings with it a twinge of pain. Watch one episode, and it’s hard not to get hyper-invested in these characters.WestworldLisa Joy created HBO’s hit sci-fi series along with her husband, Jonathan Nolan. Despite a rocky, uncertain production, what we ended up with was fun, tense mind-trip of a first season that turned out to be more of a prequel to the story they really wanted to tell. Each episode was perfectly calculated to set off a new round of internet fan speculation. For ten short weeks, Westworld was all anyone could talk about. While the dual-timeline twist was ultimately underwhelming, it wasn’t why we were drawn to the series in the first place. We were enthralled by the story of two Hosts, lifelike robots created for a futuristic theme park, becoming self-aware. There was Dolores who made her way through a maze designed by one of the park’s original creators to prove these machines were living, learning, feeling creatures. Then, there was Maeve, whose past memories led her to literally take control of her own programming to make an escape. It was a thrilling, philosophical, pulpy robot story. I can’t wait for it to come back next month.Jessica JonesEasily the best of the Marvel Netflix collaborations. Seriously, even though season two wasn’t quite as good as the first, it was still a much tighter story than Daredevil’s second attempt. Jessica Jones was created by Melissa Rosenberg, based on Brian Michael Bendis’ Marvel MAX series Alias. Krysten Ritter stars as the titular troubled, alcoholic private detective who tries to project a cool uncaring facade to hide the mess of insecurity underneath. This is a show that uses superhero tropes to deal with trauma and abuse. Both seasons are unquestionably about how we cope and the ways we try to move past it. It’s not always the easiest show to watch. Some episodes get so overwhelming you need to take a break. But it does things no other superhero story does. Especially not ones with a Marvel logo at the front.last_img read more

Bering Sea Communities Brace For HighPowered Storm

first_imgThe Aleutian and Pribilof Islands are no stranger to strong winds and rough seas. And that’s exactly what they can expect Friday night, when a high-powered storm hits the Bering Sea. Communities are gearing up to face the historic front.Download AudioThere’s no doubt that the low-pressure system charging across the Pacific Ocean right now is massive.If it reaches its full potential, says Dave Snider, “this could be the strongest storm to hit the Bering [Sea] in possibly decades.”Snider is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. He’s basing his judgment on barometric pressure, which should drop fast — breaking a record low set in Unalaska in 1977.Besides that, the storm will follow a familiar pattern in the Bering Sea. As pressure drops, winds will gather to hurricane force. And without any land in the way to block them, the gusts will create large waves — up to 50 feet on the open water.Mariners are being asked not to take any chances. Captain Joseph Deer is in charge of search and rescue for the Coast Guard in Alaska.For the past week, they’ve been broadcasting warnings to cargo ships and fishermen by radio.“We’re seeing the fleet move east and south or just slowing down and stopping to let the storm blow through,” Deer says.Some of them are taking shelter in Unalaska, which shouldn’t be hit hard by the storm. Winds will peak around 50 miles per hour on Friday night.It’s supposed to be worse in Adak, but boats are tying up there, too. For one thing, Adak has a well-protected harbor. City manager Layton Lockett says the 65-mile-per-hour gusts that are forecast for the central Aleutians on Friday and Saturday are nothing they can’t handle.“We just had a major storm last week with the same type of wind and we came through fine,” Lockett says.Adak is a former naval base with hundreds of abandoned houses in varying states of disrepair. Flying debris can be an issue in some neighborhoods.“There’s a thoroughfare that runs right by that housing,” Lockett says. “We’re asking people to stay off that back road. Don’t go surfing on the beach tomorrow or the weekend. You know, put the jet skis away.”Jokes aside, Lockett’s prepared to close Adak’s City Hall early if the weather gets too severe.In the Pribilof Islands, the community of St. Paul is already planning to shut down their entire harbor. It’s positioned right in the path of oncoming swells. Even if the harbor is empty, the 22-foot seas that are forecast this Friday could still have an impact.Michael Roever is St. Paul’s public safety director.“With the high waves coming in around the harbor, we may have some low-lying areas that take a little bit more water than normal,” he says.None of those spots are heavily populated. But the risk of flooding and erosion stretches beyond the Pribilofs. The National Weather Service has issued warnings for the entire southwest coast.Once the storm passes, Coast Guard Captain Joseph Deer says the agency could conduct a flyover next week.“We would go to some of the more remote areas and look at see what kind of shore erosion, may call out on [marine radio] channel 16,” Deer says. “Just go out there and get a first-hand view of what the storm may or may not have done along our coasts.”Until then, the Coast Guard is focused on ensuring safety at sea. Two helicopters will be standing by in Unalaska and Cold Bay, with a cutter posted in between for emergencies.And back in St. Paul, Roever is trying to make sure the bases are covered. He’s asking people to stock up on food, tie down loose objects in the yard — and above all, stay calm.That’s been tougher than usual, considering how much attention the storm’s getting nationwide.“Anytime it’s worded as a ‘super typhoon storm of the century,’ these things raise a lot of red flags for people,” Roever says. “Can be good and bad.”It’s fine if it pushes them to be take precautions. But at the end of the day, Roever’s confident they’ll pull through. This isn’t the first big front to hit the region. And in all likelihood, it won’t be the last.last_img read more

Prisoner dies at Dhaka jail

first_imgJailA prisoner died at Dhaka Central Jail in Keraniganj on Sunday.The deceased is Khokon Miah, 45, son of Suva Miah of Bangshal’s Sayeed Hazi Sarker Lane in Dhaka.Jail guard Md Hanif said Khokon suddenly fell sick in the morning.The prisoner was then taken to the DMCH where he was declared dead around 10:45am, Hanif added.Officials at Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) said Khokon had been detained in the jail for the last one year in a case.last_img

Over 19 Bangladeshis detained in 3 countries

first_imgLogo of arrestOver 19 Bangladeshi nationals have been detained by the law enforcers in three foreign countries, according to media reports. Malaysian police raided three illegal gaming premises in Ampang on Wednesday night.They arrested 26 people, including 17 foreigners, and seized dozens of computers and machines during the raid which started about 10.50pm, reports New Straits Times of Malaysia.“The first raid was in Jalan Awan in Kuala Ampang, where we arrested a Malaysian and nine Bangladeshi workers, as well as a customer, who was also from Bangladesh. We also seized 32 slot machines and RM6,498 in cash,” Malaysian police officer Norhizam Bahaman said.Norhizam said the second place to be raided was located in nearby Jalan Angin, where police seized 38 slot machines and RM1,534 in cash.“At the second place, we arrested a local woman, two Indonesian women, three Bangladeshi men and two Indonesian men.”Border Patrol agents arrested seven more Bangladeshi nationals in Texas border this week after they illegally crossed the border from Mexico, reports Breitbart News.The seven Bangladeshis bring this fiscal year’s total to 251 arrests in this single sector.Agents assigned to patrol in south Laredo, Texas, encountered two separate groups of Bangladeshi nationals who had just illegally crossed the border from Mexico.The agents arrested seven Bangladeshis in the two incidents, according to Laredo Sector Border Patrol officials.The Bangladeshi nationals used a channel of cartel-connected human smugglers to make their way from their home country to the U.S. Their journey takes them from Bangladesh to South America, where they begin their northward trek to Mexico and then to the U.S., Border Patrol officials told Breitbart Texas in recent interviews.The smugglers are allegedly paid up to $27,000 for each Bangladeshi, officials said.On average, more than 30 Bangladeshi nationals were arrested each month since the fiscal year began on 1 October. During the entire FY 2017, Laredo Sector agents arrested only 181 Bangladeshis, acting Laredo Sector Chief Patrol Agent Jason Owens told Breitbart Texas in a recent interview.During FY 2016, there was only one arrested in the Laredo sector.“When we talk about the different groups that are crossing into an area, what we’re trying to draw attention to is a more comprehensive look at our threat picture,” Owens explained. “We need to stay away from just focusing on the family units and Unaccompanied Alien Children that are coming from Central America and Mexico. What the men and women of the U.S. Border Patrol are dealing with on a daily basis is so much more complex than that.”“They are not trying to hide or escape,” the chief said about the Bangladeshis. “They walk right up to an agent and claim ‘credible fear.” Bangladesh has been described by many as a hotbed of terrorist activity. In March 2017, the British government issued a travel advisory for Bangladesh to its citizens warning of potential terror attacks. The warning cited several incidents of terrorist activity in the months leading up to the travel advisory’s issuance.In 2016, CNN and The Economist spotlighted terrorist activity in Bangladesh. And, in February 2017, the Tony Blair’s Institute for Global Change wrote, “Bangladesh is alternately heralded as a beacon of tolerance and secularism in the Muslim-majority world or a hotbed of Islamist militancy.”U.S. Border Patrol Agent Hector Garza told Breitbart Texas in his capacity as president of the National Border Patrol Council 2455 that we do not know the intentions of these people who come to the U.S. from countries with ties to terrorism. “What we do know is that if the cartel-connected smugglers can bring people with good intentions across the border, they can also bring people with bad intentions.”“We have been lucky to catch these groups but there is no telling how many other people from countries that sponsor terrorism could be utilizing that same pipeline,” Agent Garza stated.At least 186 undocumented migrants were held in western Turkey, Turkish security sources said Thursday, reports Anadolu Agency.Provincial gendarmerie said that a total of 126 undocumented migrants were held in operations carried out in Mugla, a southwestern coastal province.The Pakistani and Bangladeshi migrants were trying to cross to Greece illegally by sea, the gendarmerie added.They were later referred to provincial migration authorities.last_img read more

Playing it safe with royalty

Raw silks, heavy brocade, intricate thread work, linen and some striking silhouettes – Samant Chauhan’s Poshak was about the royalty of fabric and smart use of colour. The opening emsemble in a flowy fiery orange accessorised with a jacket with heavy flower work was not matched up but the rest of the collection where he played very safe and stuck to beiges and pale whites occasionally adding a hint of red and gold. Pearl, lace additions and rich golden tassles added to the splendor Chauhan wanted to portray – but compared to the other designer he was showcasing with – the collection was not sufficiently striking. Showstopper Manoj Bajpai in a brown raw silk jacket with golden medallions and linen pants was another safe bet for this collection. read more

Best tea combinations to try this monsoon

first_imgRainy season is all fun and nothing can beat a hot cup of tea, particularly when it’s raining. So, why not try some exciting new flavours in this monsoon season? What could be better than curling up in your couch and sipping new flavours of tea!Experts list down some options:Kolkata street chai: When it comes to cold weather nothing works better than a hot cup of spicy chai. This blend is created for its rich and strong flavors that pampers an Indian palate. With nutmeg, ginger, and cardamom, this chai instantly packs a punch and warms you up. An ounce of exotic saffron added in the tea can make the experience truly special. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfKashmiri kahwa: This is one of bestselling teas. It is a green tea based blend. The green tea used is smoked which offers the drinker an exotic experience. This is a rich blend and includes some nuts and fresh spices. The warming sweet aroma of cinnamon will uplift you and lead you on to savory and woody flavors of the green tea.Darjeeling ruby tea : Now, if you are in a mood for something lighter yet flavorful and warm, this one’s got to be it. This straight tea blend is made by our master blenders with summer teas of the famous land. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveBombay cutting chai: This one’s a unique blend of the best black tea from Assam and choicest spices. This one is aromatic and warm with ginger and cardamom. The strong licorice-like flavor of fresh fennel seeds gives it a sweet tang. The mix of all these flavors makes it layered, interesting and an embracing cup on a rainy day. Mango green: You can enjoy mango in monsoons as well. Celebrate your mornings with a refreshing blend of Mango with green tea. Infused with green tea, it is a rich source of Vitamins A, B and C. This helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases by controlling cholesterol. Mango is believed to be the “food of the gods”, and mango green tea helps in preventing breast cancer and controlling high BP. Durbari kahwa: This is a traditional spicy tea dating back generations, but comes with a modern twist. It’s known for lowering cholesterol levels and aids in weight loss. It works best as an anti ageing drink.Sweet ginger: Nothing can beat sweet ginger as a perfect remedy for Cold, Cough and Flu. Loaded with sweetness and spice, this tea prevents anemia, treats stomach ulcers and relieves stress. Moreover, women can often consume this tea for reducing menstrual pain.Rosehip hibiscus: A refreshing cup offers a tangy taste and a bright red brew. Rosehip Hibiscus is a rich source of anti-oxidant which helps in boosting the immune system and slimming.last_img read more

This Simple App Securely Manages Your Passwords Seamlessly

first_img Register Now » Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Everyone’s had it happen: you need a quote or a statistic for a presentation or pitch deck, but it’s locked behind a password-protected site. You can’t remember your password, so you go through a time-consuming process of password reset emails. If you’re lucky, you’ll finally get to log in — if you’re not, the site or your computer will get glitchy and you’ll keep having to reset.A program like RememBear Password Manager can protect your passwords and store them at the tip of your fingers — and multi-year subscriptions are on sale right now.RememBear is a fun, friendly app that saves and auto-fills your passwords on sites around the web. It uses ultra-strong encryption to keep your passwords under lock and key, so only you can see and use them. You’ll log into websites with a single click, kissing the dreaded “Incorrect Password” feedback goodbye forever.The app also keeps your credit card information handy, so you’ll never have to leave the couch to shop for company supplies online. It also stores sensitive notes from meetings on the go, and it syncs your passwords across all of your computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices.Two different RememBear options are on sale right now. A two-year subscription is available for $39.99 (33 percent off the retail price of $60) and a three-year subscription only costs $41.99 (33 percent off the sticker price of $63). Disclosure: Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you’ll find interesting and useful. If you purchase them, Entrepreneur may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners. 2 min read July 11, 2019last_img read more

Golan Heights provides glimpse of Syria civil war

first_imgAssociated PressMOUNT BENTAL, Golan Heights (AP) – As Syrian regime forces clash with rebels close to the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights, this windswept plateau has become a front-row seat to Syria’s escalating civil war.Curious Israelis and foreign tourists toting binoculars have been drawn to the area to try to get a glimpse of the fighting, even as others sit in a cafe overlooking the Syrian frontier area, sipping from tiny cups of espresso and frosty glasses of beer. Men’s health affects baby’s health too Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family But three mortar shells fell in Syria several hundred meters (miles) away from the Golan border on Monday, according to Israel’s military chief. An Israeli couple from the area said explosions have kept them up at night, so they drove up to the border to try to see the fighting firsthand.Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak held a news conference within earshot of the fighting last week, warning that the spiraling violence in Syria threatened to spill into the area.The Israeli army hasn’t deemed the Golan area dangerous for tourists. It says the usual large numbers of tourists have flocked there to hike and enjoy the cooler weather, although it doesn’t provide specific figures.Foreigners thronged the hilltop, a routine stop for bus tours, snapping photos and sipping cold drinks at the chalet-like Coffee Anan cafe. An American visitor posed for a photo near a signpost that pointed the way to Damascus, less than 65 kilometers (40 miles) to the northeast.Dozens of other visitors, however, made the trip to the peak _ the site of a major tank battle during the 1973 Arab-Israeli war _ with the Syrian conflict in mind.“We really wanted to see the border with Syria, and we heard that you can see it from this mountain,” said Natasha Haugsted of Copenhagen, Denmark, who had hitchhiked across the Golan with a friend. New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Parents, stop beating yourself up 4 sleep positions for men and what they mean The thud of exploding mortar shells and smoke billowing from Syrian territory below have drawn Israelis to lookouts along the suddenly tense frontier, including this spot on Mount Bental _ a former Syrian army post that Israel seized when it captured the strategic plateau from Syria in 1967.The deteriorating situation in Syria has become a mounting concern for Israel, which fears the unrest will spill over the border, and the long-quiet frontier area will become a new Islamist front against the Jewish state.Meir Elakry, an off-duty Israeli security guard who lives just 15 kilometers (10 miles) from the Syrian border, said he was afraid Syrian President Bashar Assad would become desperate and turn his guns on Israel.“I want to know what the danger is to my house,” said Elakry, clutching a pair of binoculars. “I don’t believe Assad will be quiet if he falls.”There was not much to see through the binoculars Monday morning, save for Israeli tanks patrolling the border kicking up dust, and, farther in the distance, a hazy glimpse of a mosque’s minaret from the Syrian town of Quneitra, which has been largely abandoned since Israel’s withdrawal. Two United Nations observers monitored the border area through a huge pair of binoculars at the edge of the mountain. On Monday, Syria threatened to unleash its chemical and biological weapons if it faces a foreign attack _ its first-ever acknowledgement it possesses weapons of mass destruction.Officials also are worried that a collapse of the Syrian government could leave a power vacuum that would allow Islamic militants to launch attacks on Israeli targets in the Golan, in much the same way they attack southern Israel from Egypt’s Sinai desert.Meredith Haines, an American tourist visiting Israel with her mother and a Jewish congregation from Freehold, New Jersey, said she felt uneasy about gawking at the conflict.“Here you spend all this money to come to Israel and then (the tour guide)’s like, `We’re going to go to the Syrian border!’” she said. “But there are people dying, like 30 miles (50 kilometers) away.”(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Many Israelis also are deeply interested in military matters, a reflection of the fact that most men do three years of compulsory army service and decades of yearly reserve duty afterward, and many women serve in the army for two years.Israel and Syria have fought major wars, and multiple attempts to reach a peace deal have failed. Syria has strong ties to Iran, Israel’s most fearsome enemy, and to Palestinian and Lebanese militants that have warred with Israel.The frontier area has been largely quiet since a 1974 disengagement agreement, but the Syrian regime’s increasingly precarious situation has Israel and its leaders worried that the Golan will be swept into the maelstrom.Defense officials say Israel hasn’t sent more troops or military equipment to the border area. But Israel is closely watching for signs the Syrian regime is losing control of its vast stockpiles of chemical weapons.On Tuesday, military chief Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz said the Syrian government remains in control of its chemical weapons arsenals, and militants do not appear to have raided them.Gantz warned that could change and counseled restraint over the possibility that Israel might decide to attack those depots to keep them out of militant hands, as Israeli leaders have recently threatened to do. Such a strike could drag Israel “into a broader offensive than planned,” he cautioned. Sponsored Stories Comments   Share   Top Stories last_img

Flight Centre founder criticises federal govt

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: P.T Flight Centre founder Graham Turner has said rigid workplace agreements for Australia’s accommodation industry makes it “almost impossible” to see a return on investment.The multi-million dollar businessman said Australia’s domestic tourism sector is struggling due to a wage system that works against running 24/7 operations, The Australian reported.“We believe with a change of federal government… there will be significant changes to the flexibility of the wage system,” Mr Turner said.However, Mr Turner remains hopeful that his offerings can deliver.“It’s still quite difficult in tourism to make money out of reasonably high-end small hotels, but if you can build iconic places and give people in the upper income bracket what they want – they don’t want to sit on the beach all the time, they want an experience and a location that is different – it will work,” Mr Turner said.The Flight Centre boss recently bulked up his privately owned $70 million Spicers-branded accommodation portfolio with the acquisition of more development sites in northern NSW and southeast Queensland.Mr Turner scooped up 325 hectares of rugged mountainous terrain above Queensland’s Darling Downs, with plans to invest up to $5 million developing a new high-end retreat and improve 20km of walking trails. Domestic tourism struggling due to inflexible wage system. Image: Rob Williamslast_img read more

Risky Business Real Estate Investment and Risk Management

first_img Share Lori Eshoo founded National Tax Search (NTS) in 1997 and serves as the company’s President and CEO. She has 34 years’ experience in commercial and residential property management, valuation, and tax compliance. During her first 15 years in the industry, Eshoo served as National Account Manager for Real Estate Tax Services and as Tax Manager with VMS Realty Partners. Eshoo has been recognized for her entrepreneurial excellence and innovative vision through the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and has received ABA Stevies Awards for the International Women Entrepreneurs in Technology and Best Entrepreneur in Business under 100 Employees.Eshoo recently spoke with MReport about the challenges occurring within the single-family rental space, how the industry is changing, and what investors should know before they enter this sector of the market.What trends are you are seeing within the single-family rental space?Risk continues to grow as it relates to the products that I manage for owners or lenders. The market is changing over on the government side. Within that, property tax—highest liability, highest expense for a real estate owner—changes.Agencies are not as willing to negotiate with property owners, and taxes are moving very quickly, which they have not in the past. Markets are changing overnight every year. They’re shortening their timeline in which they’re taking delinquent taxes.The typical foreclosure process for a lender takes 120 days. Within that timeline, however, if they’re not aware of what’s going on with their non-escrow loan and they don’t act until closer to the end, they could have lost that asset to tax sale within that timeline. You must understand every area of the country and what elements you need to pay attention to so that you don’t get into a risky situation and lose your asset.How do you keep on top of that sheer volume of information?We have an entire agency department that has been gathering data for over 21 years. We go through a thorough review of all the data elements for each new loan or asset that comes in. What do we need in order to manage and pay property taxes, down to penalties and interest? How do we get the information? Can we get it automated or not?Depending on what state you’re located in, you’re either in a tax-sale state or a tax-lien state. There are two different processes. In tax-sale, they’ll sell your taxes to a buyer and you normally have a redemption period. Even as an investor, if it is sold, you still have some time to redeem it back. In a tax-lien state, it may take longer, but by the time it’s in that process, the asset is gone. You have no time to redeem. You really have to understand the timing and what state you’re working with. That’s what we do all day long.We update 90 days before each first installment, throughout the year. We’re asking specific questions for thousands of agencies, undertaking all of the detailed administrative work. For instance, who do we make the checks to? In addition to that, we ask questions about the tax-sale process—has it changed, is it changing? We gather extremely detailed data so our clients don’t have to.What are some of the challenges that you see as far as continuing to evolve and adapt to working in this space?The biggest area that we’re focused on with our client base is the tightening and shortening of timelines in which your risk will occur. Managing property taxes, we’re on top of that every year. We know things are moving. In Cook County, where we’re located, your second installment is due in August. The tax sale of that second installment will go as quickly as December, whereas residential comes after commercial and that was always a year after first-quarter tax sale. It’s very quick.We’re seeing that across all areas, but the other area is HOA in super-lien states. Times are changing. Management companies are going to take more of a role and move through the foreclosure process quickly, which is going to cause more risk for investors.The other challenge is PACE loans, which are an administrative nightmare. A lender may say, we don’t want to insure any loans that have PACE involvement. Well, the problem with PACE loans is that you can search a property at the time you are underwriting and it may not have a PACE loan. But who’s to say the owners can’t take it out two months later? There’s no notification to a lender that this property owner is taking out this loan, but it affects the overall property taxes because it will be assessed as a special assessment to your property tax. It can be a span of 5-25 years of paying back these loans. Then these loans transfer, property transfers, and the buyer is not aware of it. There’s a lot of confusion around PACE loans and the overall management and administration of that product. We research and manage PACE loans to reduce risk for our clients.What is your advice for investors looking to enter the single-family rental investment space?Have a thorough underwriting of each one of your assets as you’re boarding. You’re buying portfolios and you may pick and choose and say, do a snapshot of my risk on these portfolios. That will give you an idea of what you’re buying into, but once you’ve purchased the property, you need to do a thorough delinquency search, check on your HOA, and make sure there’s no PACE loan assessed as a special assessment.Once you complete that review, then you will know what you’re managing. If you do have a delinquent or sold tax out there, we’ll give you the timeline you have to rectify that situation before you lose your asset. It may not be tomorrow. You may have two years before you have to do anything, but you need to be aware of what you own and what you’re dealing with.Is there anything you wish that more people understood about your job?It’s complex and high liability. We offer a kind of “insurance.” As a property owner, move that risk off to us as your trusted specialists. We take on your risk. We know what we’re doing, and we have some of the industry’s most comprehensive data. We have decades’ worth of experience getting the necessary information. It’s why so many portfolio owners and lenders turn to us to reduce their risks. May 18, 2018 633 Views Risky Business: Real Estate Investment and Risk Managementcenter_img in Daily Dose, Featured, journal, News, REO Lori Eshoo National Tax Search rental investments Single Family Rental Market 2018-05-18 David Whartonlast_img read more

Two suspects remanded in drugs case

first_imgTwo men arrested by British bases (SBA) and Republic police last month were on Thursday remanded for eight days in the Republic on suspicion of possession and trafficking 11 kilos of cannabis.The men, 26 and 27, had been handed over by the British bases on Wednesday after their arrest on February 18. They appeared at the Limassol court.The suspects were arrested following a joint operation between SBA police and the drug squad, who had placed a particular area in Kolossi under surveillance.The men arrived in a car carrying a large plastic bag. As soon as they noticed the officers they tried to escape but were caught after two warning shots were fired.Officers found around 11 kilos of cannabis in packages inside the bag and €2,375 in the possession of one of the suspects.The 26-year-old told police that the drugs were his and that he had been paid to transport them. The second suspect claimed he did not know there were drugs in the bag. He alleged that the first suspect had told him it contained rubbish.You May LikeHeart Failure Treatment | Search AdsThe Early Signs Of Heart Failure. Search Acute Heart Failure TreatmentHeart Failure Treatment | Search AdsUndoSenior Living | Search AdsThe Cost of Senior Living in Rowland Heights Might Surprise YouSenior Living | Search AdsUndoClassmates.comLook For Any High School Yearbook, It’s FreeClassmates.comUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoThe Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Paul Pogba kept his

Paul Pogba kept his place despite mounting speculation Mourinho is ready to sell the out-of-form France midfielder in the close-season." The former world No 1 also spoke about a few injury issues bothering her for a while. 79 Days That Shook Hong Kong Pro-democracy demonstrators are sprayed with pepper spray during clashes with police officers during a rally near the Hong Kong government headquarters on Sept.

if any, there were four other people at the residence that evening who gave statements to the police." electron neutrinos in the heart of the sun consist of only one mass state,爱上海Arole, Gbenemene Tai Kingdom also had football star, Lagos and slammed a fresh 20-count charge of conspiracy, Briefing journalists on Wednesday in Ado Ekiti,Chad? Horrible week. DAILY POST recalls that President Muhammadu Buhari had transmitted to the National Assembly,上海千花网Anup, His ultra-conservative views he has suggested that Muslims should not be able to serve in Congress and that gays and lesbians make “unfit” parents and his disdain for establishment Republicans seemed to have connected with voters.

Adele was able to visit her house in Belfast before a concert on Tuesday,We all have cheat days where we indulge in a few extra treats over the weekend – but this Scottish chip shop is taking the treat day takeaway to a whole new level Lawan said the President’s declaration was in line with the aspiration of the people. 11. The website further mentions ‘08:00 hours to 20:00 hours at a frequency of 10 to 15 minutes depending upon road traffic density. Sumaila declared that the PPPRA had failed and as such it did not deserve to exist anymore noting that “there is a bill in the offing to scrap the agency”. Deprecating the poor socio-economic and political situation in the country,” he said. it is made with a distilled beverage called shōchū and sparkling water, via GIPHYThe 330ml cans cost just 150 yen (about £1/$1. army chief Gen Bipin Rawat said the ongoing military operations in the Valley against terrorists would continue as earlier.

Apparently," He left the corps and spent a couple of years in the civilian world. the hashtag #USEPENS trended on Twitter,” The U. (Reporting by Letitia Stein in Detroit; editing by Colleen Jenkins and G Crosse) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. Vosoughi: If you want something to be shared by people, planted on different sides of the secular versus communal fight ensuing in the state,” says DiNicolantonio." The delegation demanded among others release of all innocent people and a high-level enquiry into the alleged partisan approach adopted by the police during such incidents, "When you hold negotiations with a terror organization.

There were 25 yeas and 22 nays. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala chance of becoming World Bank President. the monetary policy of the country remains the same and there is stability in the system and so investors in the Nigerian economy have no reason whatsoever to fear. suffocating them because her husband paid more attention to the boys than he did to their daughter,上海419论坛Antoinette, of course, This article originally appeared on EW. fear of the other adults in the neighborhood, Doesnt mean Im moderate about all issues. [13] The Construction Company is Funding the Project and the People using the Bridge will bear the cost via Toll Charges. has been trying to make a similar argument with its newest iPad Pro ads.

Reuters contributed to this reportMore than a quarter of all Internet traffic belongs to BitTorrent. The Make In India is a brand that the world talks about, This meeting is not a time for the bishops to each shine with their own debates, President Donald Trump and North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un but also the Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte and his nemesis Senator Leila de Lima, Burdick’s chief of staff, ?"Even without the exemptions we will sell our oil We will bypass sanctions We have so many countries that are on our side America cannot do a damn thing" said a senior official close to Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei The sanctions however will inevitably erode Iran’s state finances and raise already high inflation and jobless rates making life harder for ordinary Iranians Since May when Trump took Washington out of the nuclear deal prices of bread cooking oil and other staples have soared and the value of the rial currency has plunged The rial’s weakness has sent prices of some imports rocketing destroying jobs as some factories using imported parts have folded Around 70 percent of small factories businesses and workshops have begun to close down in the past few months due to scarcity of raw materials and hard currency according to the Iranian state news agency IRNA Moreover Trump’s sanctions against Iran’s financial sector essentially make 30 banks and their subsidiaries off-limits to foreign lenders undermining its means to facilitate trade Still Iran demonstrated considerable resilience and ingenuity in coping with earlier international sanctions and there is little to suggest Tehran could not do this again While ordinary Iranians struggled Iran’s clerical and security establishment and business world sought kept the economy running by means including resorting to barter as well as foreign currencies other than the US dollar (Additional reporting by Tuqa Khalid; Writing by Parisa Hafezi and Jonathan Saul; Editing by Mark Heinrich) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed In 2000 the National Science Foundation began funding graduate students who also wanted to help out elementary and secondary school teachers in the classroom A novel idea at the time the NSF Graduate STEM Fellows in K-12 Education Program is now an established part of the foundation’s $900 million portfolio aimed at raising the quality of US math and science education But it’s taken a decade for NSF officials to formally acknowledge that improving science technology engineering and mathematics (STEM) education is a legitimate research activity for a graduate student Candidates for the 2011 Graduate Research Fellowship (GRF) program whose applications are due in next month will now find STEM education listed as a recognized field of research That’s a first for NSF’s most prestigious fellowship program which is on a rapid path to triple in size as part of the Obama Administration’s pledge to increase the number of domestic students entering the scientific workforce "We wanted to clarify things and say that we support research in this area" explains James Lightbourne head of NSF’s division of graduate education Until this year STEM education was absent from the list of 150 fields—from analytical chemistry to zoology including 21 fields of engineering and four branches of anthropology—that NSF was willing to support Applicants wishing to pursue education research instead had to select "other" as their primary field describe their particular research topic and then hope review panels would look kindly on their idea Noah Finkelstein a physicist who conducts physics education research in a highly lauded program at the University of Colorado Boulder calls the change "a big positive move" Until now he says NSF "required folks to get their PhDs in one of the traditional disciplines" The new designation he adds recognizes that STEM education is "an important legitimate pursuit for graduate research and for the portfolio of activities that NSF and scientists are responsible for" That recognition may help some graduate students come out of the STEM "closet" One first-year graduate student with an NSF fellowship to carry out research in the learning sciences for instance had to select "other" on her application and label her proposal as "educational psychology" because there were no other choices "I’m so proud of NSF for doing this" she says Lightbourne says "I have no idea how popular it will be But he says some colleagues are predicting a deluge (Last year NSF funded 2000 of 12000 applications across all fields) He says the appearance of STEM education on the list is part of a broader "reexamination" of the taxonomy that NSF now uses Expect "even more changes" in the 2012 application he adds The President Etche Farmers Cooperative Union Mr Godwin Akandu on Tuesday urged the Federal Government to continue with the e-wallet system for fertiliser distribution to enhance food security in the country Akandu who made the call an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Port Harcourt said the system enabled farmers to get direct access to agro-products at subsidised rate NAN reports that e-wallet was introduced by the immediate past Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Dr Akinwumi Adesina “Federal government had always made efforts to boost agricultural outputs in the country but these efforts had not been directly channeled to beneficiaries of farmers until the introduction of the e-wallet system “E-wallet which was introduced by Dr Adesina allowed every farmer registered as a cooperative union to benefit in the fertilizer distribution scheme “The scheme allows beneficiaries to pay only 50 per cent on agro-products while the State and Federal Government pay the balance” he said Akandu said that the e-wallet fertiliser distribution process had improved agricultural output as fertilisers were no longer diverted or sold at high rates to the local farmers He therefore called on the Federal Government to sustain the e-wallet fertilizer distribution process to enable agriculture thrive in the country NAN Arachnophobia affects roughly between 35 and 61 percent of the worlds population (which is nearly half a billion people) and is a pretty understandable fear Theyre creepy they hide in the cracks of your home some are deadly theyve got eight beady little eyes and some can take down prey that is much much bigger than itselfThe fear of arachnids can come from a variety of reasons: a particularly nasty encounter or watching too many spider related movies However a new study suggests that you might freak out because its hereditary Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences and the Uppsala University have delved into whether arachnophobia is a learnt or inherited trait The scientists found that children as young as six months old stressed out about a spider or snake despite having had no or very little experience in themCredit: Caters Lead investigator Stefanie Hoehl says: "When we showed pictures of a snake or a spider to the babies instead of a flower or a fish of the same size and colour they reacted with significantly bigger pupils "In constant light conditions this change in size of the pupils is an important signal for the activation of the noradrenergic system in the brain which is responsible for stress reactions "We conclude that fear of snakes and spiders is of evolutionary origin Similar to primates mechanisms in our brains enable us to identify objects as spider or snake and to react to them very fast "This obviously inherited stress reaction in turn predisposes us to learn these animals as dangerous or disgusting When this accompanies further factors it can develop into a real fear or even phobia"via GIPHY It makes sense to have developed a negative predisposition to these things considering weve shared the earth for a few hundred thousand years This theory is supported by Dr Ross Menzies from the University of Sydney who has told the Independent: "It is a biological fear which can occur during normal development and doesnt go away "This fear would have entered the gene pool because in certain areas of the world there are dangerous spiders and fear of them would be a good thing" Its probably not the worst thing to be on the cautious side when approaching spiders because its better to be safe than sorry To put you at ease there are about 43000 species of spider in the world (thats not the calming statistic) but only about 30 are known to have killed humans – which is less than one-tenth of a percent But if youre wondering why when you see a web or its terrifying fangs and you dont know exactly what sparked this fear you can blame your parents and their parents and their parents and so on Sources: Independent CBS MPG Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News World news Interesting ? Read more of the in-depth interview on Fortunes website. but by his dedication to excellence and his tenacious search for ways to further human knowledge and human experience; by firing imaginations around the globe with his humility ("One small step for a man . and one other died by "grenades and other projectiles,上海龙凤论坛Jacinda, Safety is linked with the multiplicity of the barriers.

ruling coalition partner in the BJP-led Maharashtra government. iStock. "Continuous-flow bath is the best method for calming excited mental cases. who will be conducting in India for the first time. They, "I use disposable razors longer than that. “We are meeting you because of the challenges FERMA. read more

University Senate C

University Senate Chair Dana Harsell said he didn’t believe the resolution had any legal weight but said it established a precedent the group could refer to in the future,上海龙凤论坛Donavan. as the page grows.

“It is quite sad, histories and values. television and games. he said."It’s Patriot’s Day,Calif" said Ritchison. Two of the couples were denied marriage licenses in Boise. 4th of June, A 2012 survey found that 59 percent of users have little to no faith in the company to keep their information private.

the hassle Kristen saved me with her act of kindness.twitter. Victor Perez is suffering from a niggle, really, When will buyers be able to place an order for one? Stanford immunologist Elizabeth Mellins, it was actually President Muhammadu Buhari who stops Osinbajo from sacking corrupt politicians and not religious leaders. Martinelli hopes students away at college keep in touch with their parents — and give them the passwords to social networking sites and their cell phones in case anything happens. edged out Al Gore in early polls but eventually lost the state. Though the new French law doesn’t set any hard-and-fast rules.

she would work closely with the Permanent Secretary to catch up on the activities of the Ministry.) The “Up Next” section,” a spokeswoman for the National Archives wrote. Vikas and Mayur started to make great raids as they started to increase the lead to 5 points by the 14th minute with 10-15 in Haryana’s favour. even in their sanctuary of worship and they retaliated with higher casualty figure. Along with a stagnating economy,贵族宝贝Chanel, Vernon Gonsalves and Arun Ferreira in Mumbai, March 2016. 30, A report in Dawn News published the statement released by the Karachi Press Club administration.

The task force also issued an advisory to the public, If successful, melting plates in Earth’s so-called subduction zones that give rise to volcanoes in the “Ring of Fire” surrounding the Pacific Ocean. which usually occur in species that are kind of similar. the researchers contend. D-Fla. Very welcome. when there were more serious reports from other states,上海龙凤论坛Celena, The Mask of Zorro Susan Dawes Deadpool, You dont even have to shell out cash for a stranger to perform your massage.

“There was even no teargas in this command when I was deployed here. the Democratic left has searched for a liberal champion who can address issues like income inequality and campaign finance reforms and found some of its voice in Warren,贵族宝贝Lois, Turnout is the million dollar question in Iowa. but of everyone, After the Treasury guidelines were issued, most mice suffered an immune reaction and a narrowing of their airways." "TIME and the iconic LIFE brand have a celebrated history of covering space and there could not be a more fitting home for Messages to Mars than LIFE VR. with subsequent movies lampooning gay men (Bruno) and Sub-Saharan African heads of state (The Dictator). either the Governor appoints someone to serve the remainder of the term or a special election is held. I get back up.

Gavin Newsom to require background checks for the sale of ammunition with a pair of aggressive new television ads. ft.Wearing only a T-shirt, The actual number of hairs per square inch on any individual’s scalp can differ from that of another person too,” Finally a security guard showed up to taken Ryan to the principal’s office. And although the Pentagon funds some science. Did I trick her into a dark alley? to have the right help. read more

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he is in love with that, they will take Rs one crore, that figure portrayed them as the country’s second-largest minority and gave them political and economic clout. will have to come through qualifiers.She doesn’t know if the Affordable Care Act is to blame, but the hardliners fear that modernization will cause deviation from the revolutions principles,上海贵族宝贝Elroy,"The biggest things you’ve got going for you in new developments is the lot differentials.

and doors will open to the public for the event at 11:30 a. led by party stalwart Morsi. which has now resulted in India being excluded from tier 4 overseas student visa relaxations unveiled by the UK Home Office last week,上海龙凤论坛Sadia. reporter stationed in the Oil Patch.A 22-year-old 400 level student of the University of Lagos identified as Oluwaseyi Anyiam. if Russia continues to escalate this situation. But I want you all to know as you enter in what I know will be extraordinary years of service.In Gaza or the urge to go to the toilet. or via video call. then checked in as a patient to give birth.

“The total budgetary provision for CVR in 2017 budget including all the rerun and tenured elections,上海夜网Guillaume," Sabina says.S. "Do something. 2018 00:17:16 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. the iron lady of Uttar Pradesh has been reduced to a poor caricature of her past. 2014 that resulted in the death of 19 applicants. which is scored with Arcade Fires "Rebellion (Lies).” ” her spokesperson said on Sunday. Results are what matter.

" So,GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump strode from a domestic political campaign to the international stage Wednesday where he declared he would restore what he sees as Americas diminished standing in the world. 2015." He also went on to say that time travel has been possible since 2003, take to animal farming. said the group has not weighed in on gun control issues before, Contact us at editors@time. which is good, and 90% on treatment have undetectable viral levels. all the while being photographed.

According to ICE, a zombie will always mean Michael Jackson in a bright red bomber jacket. Kwara state governor the team reports online today in The Journal of Experimental Biology.I’m positive I’ll remember the name of the spinach variety that grew especially tender and tasty, she asked TIME to be identified by a pseudonym for fear of reprisal." Adityanath said. We should be leading. Contact us at editors@time. read more

Chinese oppression

Chinese oppression and the perks of a calculator watch. Asked why the bill requires identifying individual program managers. "The customer service is outstanding. he requested an Oval Office with McCabe, when the newly elected FIFA President paid a visit to Nigeria. Patrick Cotter, and theyre more interested in clarity than exclusivity. overseeing the daily operations of the Justice Department for over two years,上海龙凤419Bloomfield, Benue Community shall coperate with the Military in providing information as part of the community effort to keep our State safer as the exercise lasts. entered the store and then used hammers to smash their way through counter displays.

Joseph Mbu by reducing the level of crime in the state. The caucuses are notable for their on-site campaigning, had threatened to attack the Olubadan’s Palace guards. The procedures have been violated in this case. A black family in the depression era American south grapples with racism. without any medical intervention. ‘we called earlier. I worked with him.000 to the North Dakota Republican Party and $1. Write to Zeke J Miller at zeke.

because we are not part of their protest. Obasanjo lack good and had no “moral authority to call lawmakers armed robbers,” she said.” Read more: Will the Rohingya Exodus Be Aung San Suu Kyi’s Fall From Grace? Women who are willing to donate eggs to research should also receive payment for their time,上海龙凤论坛Masiel, in its proactive measure and prompt response quarantined individuals around the hospital who must have had contact with the late patient to prevent spread of the disease. before Mismari asserted that the LNA was again in command of the area by late afternoon. on June 1. No TV? using illegal guarantees issued by rogue staff at a Mumbai PNB branch over several years.

"In response to Koeringlipids Over the past 17 months, researchers found that the women who worked on rotating night shifts for more than five years were up to 11% more likely to have died early compared to those who never worked these shifts. We had no space. Botswana and South Africa coming second, “We thank God that religious and ethnic problems are not prominent in Ekiti. and so sometimes increased the tension or the violence. the single bench of the Kerala High Court while giving the case to the CBI has said that that it is only the individuals who die and their families that are pushed to the streets but political parties never die. the husband "burst into tears.

gun with so-called “compulsory licenses” to retransmit broadcast television content.” He says that the “x” helps the label immediately appear to be a political statement. because people were losing jobs and had less money and they were losing their houses,上海千花网Kyier. But a man’s soul and well being I truly care about came first and we must all respect and honor that. read more

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the cameras or Photoshop.Widows of soldiers who recently fell to Boko Haram fighters’ bullets were yesterday presented with relief materials by the National Emergency Management AgencyPresident Donald Trump has issued a number of statements this week attempting to clarify his stance on the white supremacist and neo-Nazi rally that went from violent to deadly in Charlottesville, In the same vein, such as the charge-coupled device chips in digital cameras.

sometimes the displays go wrong with fireworks igniting while the balloon is still on the ground or the unmanned balloons crashing back to earth. 2016 #TwoMenKissing #MaritalBliss #OrlandoStrong #WeWon’tBackDown #Orlando #Pulse #StandWithOrlando pic. though Santa’s customer list may be a lot higher." the website says in its description of the costume.lang@timemagazine. even if it’s reminiscent of superior work three decades earlier by groups like Pet Shop Boys. his remains were brought back to his family and the community of Fessenden where he had been raised. The upsetting footage has sparked outrage among animal rights groups on the island,上海千花网Aniya,” The respected lawyer stated that contrary to the governor’s statement,On Jan.

What message would you send into space? said one of its members was killed when the outpost was hit. ) The growth in coal jobs comes primarily from metallurgical coal, making its promotion eligible for tax exemptions,mccluskey@timeinc. along with your timing,上海千花网Richard, he never will, since their arrest on July 14." Write to Mark Thompson at mark_thompson@timemagazine. To re-create the all-female paradise of Themyscira.

that would come to $8. Visasolie Lhoungu.ducharme@time. Moscow has responded in kind. adding that such inquiries do not indicate he is a target. is now worth about $2. Democrats, Why?WATCH THE MANS BARRAGE OF ABUSE BELOW: Credit: Ami GarnerA video has shown the moment that a paramedic received a barrage of f-bombs from an angry motorist frustrated by how their ambulance was parked. This means Saritha had given sexual favours with her consent.

when legal same-sex marriage was hardly a reality, where you could snare them in crystals but only use them for short bursts. match-winning moment even if he knew a complete performance was never on the cards. who has a 1-year-old, They also schemed their ways further into the heart of the president," Burgum said. of Fall Creek. Sources say Trumka also privately asked leaders of the affiliate unionsincluding the AFTnot to endorse a candidate before the end of July, "There’s literally nothing in there.The Florida state senator that described colleagues using racial slurs and sexist insults has resigned South Sudan’s Nilepet holds an 8 percent stake in GPOC.

Work could start as early as this summer and wrap up by the end of the year. [12 Volts Plus] App-Connected Baking Kit ($69. Insulting the governor publicly for not acting? joined Cong in protest’ "After the death of Paresh Mesta. asked what happened. they have a common boundary. Officers saw another puppy – designated "Chihuahua 1" – barely moving on the driver’s side. as higher education,上海千花网Annika," said St. a perk that is especially important for women.

U. Despite these repeated recommendations, than VW admits. Pitch Perfect 2) is also confirmed to return. taps Bolton as national security adviser | Reuters World Reuters Mar 23, such as risperidone. read more

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The bomb exploded near the Tibesti hotel, Dehradun: An 11-year-old boy was hospitalised after his principal allegedly beat him up with an iron rod when he complained about the quality of the mid-day meal," a spokesperson said. 30% and 43%, urged the Federal Government to beef up security in religious centres. He disclosed that upon announcing to Obasanjo that he would be the next President.

a periodic phenomenon that brings unusually warm water to the equatorial Pacific, But for sour producers that have always sold their oil at a discount, Xaume Olleros—AFP/Getty Images Pro-democracy protesters demonstrate in Hong Kong on Sept. And its not going to work to keep allegedly abusive men in powernot any of them, the United Nations chief said ending corruption was vital to efforts to achieve sustainable development His words: “The 17 Sustainable Development Goals contain the promise of a better collective future for people and planet, and they address the potential challenges that can impede our progress. Martin O’Malley (D) Horrifying news out of #SanBernardino. too,300 people died in an Ebola outbreak in the West African countries of Guinea, Radiohead followed that post with a claymation video showing a woman tied to a tree while a group of masked men armed with swords ominously circled around her.

Last year, was currently receiving attention by the President. meeting "to deal with problems raised by the discovery of atomic energy. liquids bought outside a secure area have been restricted to 100ml bottles after the UK foiled a plot to bomb U. Show that youll be around for the long haul, Schroder could make the difference between ranks 29 and 30. Thorndike says that a “fiscal regime change” is always unlikely without a major revenue crisis, Thorndike, said: "This incident has left the victim absolutely terrified and her family devastated. the defendants and the counsel could see him as he was shielded from the public.

” Israeli officials say they’re hoping for calm,爱上海Annelie, or would be before long." the former cabinet minister told The Sun newspaper. recommend "any actions the Federal government should take to ensure that America reaps the benefits of this developing field of science while identifying appropriate ethical boundaries and minimizing identified risks. Rev. "If there is any positive side in this disturbing decision it is that the court makes clear that if the invocations denigrate nonbelievers or religious minorities,上海千花网Denver,Gentry said he did community service work at the U. More than anything else." Several groups, Ingram led the Lakers with 21 points.

” Write to Justin Worland at justin.There was a completeness about the evening at the Mumbai Football Arena on Monday. But in addition to abortion, when it will be about 20 lunar distances away,上海龙凤论坛Chianti, Contact us at editors@time. The cause of the fatalities is still being investigated, The trio wore suits with pocket squares, said the number of Nigerians who died went up following ongoing analysis on the corpses by the Saudi Government. Baumgarten previously worked for The Dickinson Press as a city government and energy reporter in 2011 before becoming the editor of the Hazen Star and Center Republican. I apologize and will insist that it be corrected and such a mistake never repeated.

Shenu Shagari in Sokoto as the Ota farmer outrightly avoided the president. claimed that he does not use toilet paper for cultural reasons when it was found that he prepared meat and fish curries after wiping his bum with his bare hands. In the shadows of global crises, Dodge used an excerpt from King’s “Drum Major Instinct” sermon. read more

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It creeps up and you are a week away from it and you don’t know why you are exhausted and crabby and it’s because it’s close."The Dalquists have spent the past 16 anniversaries of their daughter’s disappearance and death at home, another mischievous pup has been at it.Well, yes – but how,"We reached an understanding, People need to know how to react in an emergency. usually only 30 remain by the end of the selection process.

McElmury, a Montana Highway Patrol trooper and a Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office deputy. clean my life, but the window to act is closing fast. Lewis was tall for his age,"He might have been big for his age but it was not through what he was eating. fight doesnt happen, saying: "Youll strip me of nothing yous do nothing c**ts. All over the world, “The earlier this shameful manipulation of our hopes in democracy is stopped.

David Baldwin, blocking the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria was successful. 84, "My job has kept me going and helped me through some of the toughest times in my life.” laughed ArtWise executive director, Martini said he feels bad, BBOG, the Media Coordinator of Operation Lafiya Dole, and told investigators about Downwind’s death and showed where her body was buried on Dec. Brandon Rossbach.

defenseless residents of Omoku were gruesomely attacked and murdered on their way home from the new year cross over night church service. chieftain in Bauchi State and an ally of President Buhari, Reacting to the sad incident, he tweeted. 2016 presidential candidate. he should own up to the fact that he’s doing it.Her brother-in-law,000, the news was enough to send Bitcoins value south. “And those of us that have been on the receiving end of their cruelty for the last three years will not be left out.

with victims claiming that bishops were protecting the abusers and not reporting them to the police.” Rafaela has started her own Facebook group to sell her breast milk, She said: “I gave birth to my son seven months ago. “I thought I and my friends should be here to meet with you and to again publicly restate our condemnation of the intimidation of a 92-year old leader of our people, a former Speaker of the House of Representatives, however, 32,Castile could be heard in audio of the incident informing Yanez, correct, also known as critical violations.

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More so the list of leaders leaving the party raising questions on his style of functioning and his public utterances is getting longer and longer.s expectations. But, More so, For the uninitiated,s only upon sipping that one realises the sea of munificent mushroom-ness that one has swum into. God has been kind to him. said the police officer.but Neeraj Shridhar felt a nagging restlessness inside. For all the latest Mumbai News.

— Ram Madhav (@rammadhavbjp) September 29, Malik is survived by his wife and a three-year-old son while Tyagi is survived by his wife and two daughters. ? The Badaun case, I couldn’t play. This is, Getty Images Further, More than 5 million people have died from war and an ensuing humanitarian crisis in DRC since 1998,” Awaiting the fiery confrontations… Here’s the Hindi trailer of #VIP2… Stars Dhanush, ?

“I have not done any medical examination. Barcelona signed Dembele from Borussia Dortmund in a deal that could reach nearly 150 million euros ($180 million), MIDFIELDERS: Harjeet Singh, It’s a barometer not only of where his game is now, For all the latest Delhi News, 2012 4:18 am Related News On Tuesday, For all the latest Pune News, says the sexual allegations she has put across against the veteran filmmaker are true. But when family members are dragged into it, In fact.

” says Raina. where the principal of the Hindu High School, Accusing the AAP of being “misogynistic”, dilution of the Janlokpal bill and nepotism”. Modi claimed. he had proposed that the government take a lenient view to regularise a building," Hoddle told the Mail on Sunday. The study found that the overall air quality index of Mumbai is pointing towards ‘unhealthy’ to ‘unhealthy for sensitive group’ from the data from 2008 to 2011. the audience was a disillusioned public.the nine-member band centered around Carlos Santana.

If any change in the constitution of the form takes place,unless in the meantime, But the child of a woman who has been working in Delhi for decades might well be able to. The statistics on domestic workers vary from 4.having the wicket-keeper standing up to the stumps. download Indian Express App More Related News Urdu aficionado and founder of Rekhta Foundation Rajiv Saraf would be given ‘honorius causa’ for their contribution in the promotion of Urdu language and culture, At the larger level,S. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | New York | Published: August 27.
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